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Pain Above Right Clavicle

During the last year Iøve experienced a tightness/ slight pain in the area above my right clavicle projecting upwards on the neck and downwards across the clavicle, terminating where the clavicle protrudes the most. The pain is not really pronounced in a any specific excercises, though I sometimes feel an unconfortable stretch in the area while squatting and during bench press exercises.

Strecthing the area by placing my hand against a wall and stretching the arm out perpendicularly from the body, eases the tightness somewhat, but only for a very short while.
I think the easiest way to describe the sensation is to imagine a nerve being pinched under the collarbone.

I’m 26 years old and have around 10 years training experience.

Any suggestions as to how to ease the tightness/pain more permanently would be greatly appreciated.


It’s hard to say but my first impression is you have a problem with your first rib.
You most likely also have a neck problem with either SCM or Scalenes but I can’t really see that being affected by squatting or bench pressing. If your first rib is raised it can cause these symptoms.
I’m fairly confident I can+ fix your problem.

Now what to do? Maybe see an expert on injuries lol.

Sorry but I laugh a bit at this as it’s obvious you have a problem yet you don’t want to address it. See an expert and get it fixed.

Edit: Stretching as in static is only temporary. You can’t lengthen a muscle by static stretching. You may get some relief but of course that is short lived. Instead of a static stretch which is almost useless do a resisted stretch. Go through a full range of movement with a dumbbell or a cable is another good option.

you can probably get some relief from the pain by using a lacrosse ball on your pecs. Hold it between your chest and the wall and roll around on it with mostly diagonal strokes. It’ll hurt, but you’ll probably feel a bit better after.

For long term help, you’d better go see a physio