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Paging the Physicians

This may sound a touch bizarre, but hear me out.

I have an astigmatism which I have always overcome with the help of glasses. This last week, I switched to contacts.

I’m aware that those who have a certain degree of astigmatism will have trouble with contact lenses - in particular that the shape of the eye causes an ill-fit for the lense, creating stereotypically blurry vision.

I’ve noticed that when lifting with contact lenses in, my eye-sight will be more blurry than usual, returning to normal about an hour or so after exercise.

It’s not just weight training, even dynamic stretching will cause this very slight blur…

So really, my question is, does exercise temporarily alter the shape of the eye, worsening potential astigmatisms?


Have you ever heard of someone busting a blood vessel in their eye from exertion?

The answer, of course, is yes.

Consider and have your answer at least to the temporary part.

A contact lens that corrects for astigmatism is required to sit on the eye and not rotate around.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is not a perfectly round shape like a soccer ball, but distorted so its more like a NFL ball. Hence your astigmatism is at a particular axis(degree), and hence your contact lens must sit at a particular position and not rotate in order to correct for your astigmatism.

Your contact lens is designed to sit on the eye via having “weights” at the bottom of the lens (or by a system known as “prism ballast”), so the that the bottom of the lens always remains at position “6 o’clock”. When training you will often scrunch up your eyes upsetting this weighted system causing the lens to roatate, and hence not correcting your astigmatism at the required axis.

This can be expected to occur occasionally, but if it happens often then the lens is considered to be not fitting properly. You may want to consult your primary eye care practioner and discuss this with him/her. There are many different types of lenses that use different materials, and are designed different in size, shape, weighted systems etc, that may suit you better, and hence give you clearer and more stable vision.

Do you know what power and degree of astigmatism that you have?


Answer: No, lifting is not chaning the shape of you eye. Lifting is causing your lenses to rotate. Go see your primary eye care provider and get a better fitting lens.


Out of curiosity, are there any actual physicians who post regularly on T-Nation?

I’m a doctor

My guess is that exertion changes the pressure in your eye and alters the shape of it, causing the focal point of the parabola to change.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Out of curiosity, are there any actual physicians who post regularly on T-Nation?[/quote]

There are a few, but you dont want to put this out much cause you get a lot of PM’s asking medical advice. So you kind of worry about how liable you are at giving advice.

<------Not an actual Physician, just a Physician Assistant.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Out of curiosity, are there any actual physicians who post regularly on T-Nation?[/quote]

Jewbacca’s wife. She gave me several referals to good female plastic surgeons for my girlfriend, who, in fact just had surgery very resently and is going for her first follow-up this afternoon.