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Paging Tamp Terry

Do you think that it is necessary to take in 10grams of combined epa/dha a day as opposed to taking 6grams a day? I’ve been currently taking 8-10 grams a day. Since John B recommends 6-10grms a day is getting by on least amount of 6grms sufficient enough?

Have you ever experimented with different doses and if so what were results? ie: less body fat?, more energy, ect…

I know this was addressed to Terry but I thought I might be able to sged a little light on the subject. I am going to assume that if you are taking in 6 grams EPA/DHA a day you have been takeing it for a little while now.(more than three months) Some things that come to my mind right away are the fact that taking the fatty acids dosen;t make the positive affects appear over night. I would think, also, that if you are already taking in 6 grams this will be enough to see the benefits.(maybe more if you are hyuuuuuuuge) Would taking the extra four grams a day give you a really noticeable difference?? I don;t have a concrete answer on this but from my personal experience it hasn;t been noticeable. However something that you might want to try is taking the 4 grams in all at once, say before bed, to aid in recovery and see if you notice any improvements.
The only thing I can suggest is try it for a couple of months and chart how you feel, recovery BF etc so you will really know whats happening. Also don’t add in or take away any supplements you might be using right now.
MAybe terry can give you a better answer than this but this is just my 2 cents.

:slight_smile: Groove

I’ve noticed strength gains when I go over 8 grams a day. Even more so when I go over 10 grams. However, I have never seen the promised fat loss. My favorite thing about fish oils are their ability to help me make it through a low carb diet.

Hey, Paul J. Myself, I take 6g per day, but that’s because my BW is lower. If it were up above 200 pounds, I’d definitely be taking 10g. Another issue is how hard you’re working out. If I were a football player in camp, I can ASSURE you that, once again, I’d be taking the higher dosage. It does help with endurance and athletic performance, both.

What JB has said in the past is to start with 6g. Settle in for a week or so and then experiment by raising the dosage for a week. If you see a recognizable difference, I’d go with the higher dosage because obviously your body is responding and would benefit.

I have not experimented with different/higher dosages, but I also take flaxseed oil (which has a 25 to 33% conversion rate (if everything is working correctly) to EPA/DHA), and I also eat canned salmon. So I probably AM getting close to 10g.

It’s good stuff, Paul, the single best investment you can make in your health; good for the heart, good for the brain. The list of benefits goes on and on.

I’ve been taking 8-10grms for the last 40 days. So I’m still a little shy of 3 months. I don’t have a problem taking 8+grms a day. But If I can get by on less and achieve the same results then so be it.

Thank you for the insight gentlemen.

Paul, my experience (and that of some football coaches who’ve used it on their team) is that high-dose fish oil makes its benefits known quickly. I have a friend who is a marathon runner who notices its effects almost instantaneously and thinks it’s better than a cup of coffee.

So as poohbaya said, look for its effects in the areas of strength, endurance and athletic performance (anything you can measure).