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Paging KSMan. KSMan?


Where’d you go? You were are huge contributor to this TRT forum and one of it’s most important.

It would be a shame to lose your input and knowledge.

Its my guess that after PhysioLojik got really active, KSMan felt unappreciated and moved on. Not sure though.


You could @ him if you really wanted to get his attention.

KSMan was a huge contributor to this forum and I understand why he left, KSMan provided very thorough informative posts and I hope he ventures back here.

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Losing his insight is a huge loss to this forum.

I agree BUT pushing high iodine doses, having guys target TSH 1.00 and target e2 =22 was not helpful. And starting guys on 1mg ai per 100 mg t was careless.

Other then that he was very informative.

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Thing is, NONE of us know how to run trt correctly. There isn’t a proven way yet. We’re all guinea pigs.

So saying his methods are wrong or negligent isn’t correct either. He’s pushing what he knows works. Other people push their methods.

To progress or move forward, with anything in life, one needs to
Listen to all views.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made this thread.

Can you blame him? He got slammed pretty good and no one came to his defense.

If that’s the case, and I’m honestly not sure of the entire backstory, then it’s hysterically childish. Especially as behavior from someone who’s old enough to be some members’ grandfather.

Again, I’m not seeing in his post history where this happened, but we’re grown-ass men and shouldn’t really need people “coming to our defense” on a discussion forum.

If people want to support or oppose the info someone’s putting out, that’s fine either way, but if a member can’t handle their own when discussing a given topic with someone more knowledgable than themselves, it’s a either chance to grow and learn or… not. It’s also a decent insight into the quality of info they’re giving.

I do think it’s always important to remember who you’re taking advice from, whether it’s in the TRT forum, Pharma, Beginners, Powerlifting, or where ever. Compare, for example, a professional with decades of experience treating patients while getting significantly above-average results for himself to a self-taught hobbyist who’s spent 10+ years getting himself in order while discussing what should work for others.

KSman is/was a productive member of the forum, but it’s been 3+ months since his last post and it’s not exactly barren tumbleweeds blowing around. The community has absolutely picked up whatever “slack” there may have been.

Clue me in. No joke, I’m interested to see what’s up.



You are not going to find it in KSMan’s post history you’ll find it in PhysioLojik.

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I’m still not seeing anything phenomenally offensive and certainly nothing that warrants bailing from the site.

Just multiple instances for over a year where Physiolojik uses real world-based experience to contrast, and often contradict, KSMan’s reading-based advice. That’s not a bad thing. At all.

Teaching yourself about any given topic and sharing that knowledge is fine. Obviously, it’s what makes up the majority of forum discussion. But there’s also got to be a level of self-awareness (and humility) to recognize when not to dig your heels in opposite someone who’s unquestionably more experienced.

It’s why I don’t post in pre-contest bodybuilding threads when Mighty Stu’s chimed in or give yoke carry advice when Flipcollar’s posted.

If ksman left because of others offering different advice then himself, do we really want him back on here?
Members need to be able to openly offer advice not feel that any particular member is the ultimate expert.

Why would any of us be on this forum if we weren’t able to get differing data from guys with different backgrounds?
I don’t want members that just spew out information that they got from ONE person in here. I’ve seen members do this but have since evolved and offering their own experiences and updated advice. That’s great to see.

I was able to successfully Change a sticky on here from ksman that suggested guys should start with 1mg ai per 100 mg t. Thank goodness the forum admin is flexible and understanding in this complicated trt field.

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Regarding that thread, KSman didn’t so much as bother posting to defend his advice despite being tagged multiple times. It was disappointing, but spoke volumes.

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I don’t have a dog in this race. I have read both members recommendations and do not agree with either of them. I am not a doctor and I don’t try to play one on the internet. If they are doctors I for one would not hire either of them for my HRT.

I’m not a doctor either BUT I also don’t play one on tv

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I like getting different perspectives. And backing things w science.

In earlier posts, physiologik posted a video from a lecture given by Dr Rouzier touting the importance of e2 and basically letting it run wild. This Dr backed his theories with testing etc.

However, I believe the testing that was done was all based upon the older, not accurate e2 testing, and not the more modern. Crisler points this out in a video. Crisler is an advocate of using Ai when necessary.

Point is that people have different ideas and philosophies. I tend to think physio is too liberal with his e2 philosophy. It may be ok for someone doing massive amounts of steroids like he does and not one doing replacement, which this forum deals with.

The take away is we each have our own opinions and that should be respected without trying to discredit someone.

Physio has said people with out of whack ratios of test to estrogen (esp those with liver dysfunction) can benefit from low doses of AI’s, he just doesn’t think it’s right to prescribe them to someone with high estrogen corresponding with high testosterone levels. If one has a T of 400ng/DL and an E2 of 90 on trt and felt like shit I’m sure he’d prescribe an AI if it was nessecary, however there’s many drawbacks from AI use.


I guess my thread was more about listening to all sides in order to get the most knowledge and understanding of trt.

Interestingly, over the years, I’ve found the opposite to be true. I’m not sure what we would define as massive amounts, when I was competing it was typically someone taking more than me, but generally, those taking what would be considered to be heavy dosages experienced more E2 symptoms. Can’t tell you how many I know who had gyno surgery, too many to count. This was much more prevalent in the bodybuilding world than with powerlifters and weightlifters.

I think bodybuilders were more aggressive or maybe more cutting edge with their drug programs, much more willing to try something crazy. However, they were going for a look. We were trying to lift more weight and especially with weightlifting, a lot goes into that besides strength. I knew guys stronger than me who could not snatch or C&J with me, and vice versa.

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