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Paging KSMan. KSMan?



Where’d you go? You were are huge contributor to this TRT forum and one of it’s most important.

It would be a shame to lose your input and knowledge.


Its my guess that after PhysioLojik got really active, KSMan felt unappreciated and moved on. Not sure though.


You could @ him if you really wanted to get his attention.


KSMan was a huge contributor to this forum and I understand why he left, KSMan provided very thorough informative posts and I hope he ventures back here.



Losing his insight is a huge loss to this forum.


I agree BUT pushing high iodine doses, having guys target TSH 1.00 and target e2 =22 was not helpful. And starting guys on 1mg ai per 100 mg t was careless.

Other then that he was very informative.


Thing is, NONE of us know how to run trt correctly. There isn’t a proven way yet. We’re all guinea pigs.

So saying his methods are wrong or negligent isn’t correct either. He’s pushing what he knows works. Other people push their methods.

To progress or move forward, with anything in life, one needs to
Listen to all views.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made this thread.


Can you blame him? He got slammed pretty good and no one came to his defense.


If that’s the case, and I’m honestly not sure of the entire backstory, then it’s hysterically childish. Especially as behavior from someone who’s old enough to be some members’ grandfather.

Again, I’m not seeing in his post history where this happened, but we’re grown-ass men and shouldn’t really need people “coming to our defense” on a discussion forum.

If people want to support or oppose the info someone’s putting out, that’s fine either way, but if a member can’t handle their own when discussing a given topic with someone more knowledgable than themselves, it’s a either chance to grow and learn or… not. It’s also a decent insight into the quality of info they’re giving.

I do think it’s always important to remember who you’re taking advice from, whether it’s in the TRT forum, Pharma, Beginners, Powerlifting, or where ever. Compare, for example, a professional with decades of experience treating patients while getting significantly above-average results for himself to a self-taught hobbyist who’s spent 10+ years getting himself in order while discussing what should work for others.

KSman is/was a productive member of the forum, but it’s been 3+ months since his last post and it’s not exactly barren tumbleweeds blowing around. The community has absolutely picked up whatever “slack” there may have been.

Clue me in. No joke, I’m interested to see what’s up.




You are not going to find it in KSMan’s post history you’ll find it in PhysioLojik.