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PAGG Stack


This is from The 4-Hour Body book:

Have you guys tried this stack? Have you read the book?


Everything I've read about Tim Ferriss indicated he's enough of a douchebag that I don't have an interest in reading it.

I had to google policosanol. Apparantly it doesn't do anything. I don't think garlic really does either. Green tea can have some really, really, minor fat burning effect. And ALA, well, I don't really know anything about that.


Reading what you just said leads me to think you're the douche bag.

Policosanol increases the high lipids in your cholesterol and the ALA/green tea/garlic gets your body in a metabolic state. This in combination with the slow carb diet and thermo training, I've cut on my body fat 2% in 10 days.

I know better than to call someone out as a douche bag without trying it myself. You should follow suit.


I just finished the book, reading it mostly on the strength of the 4hww. The training ris heavy on HIT doctrine. I'm not really a fan of that style of training, and I don't think most T-Nation readers are either. But I'm mostly just glad that he's bringing the idea of taking bodyfat measurements, training logs, and other metrics to a larger audience. This is going to be the first book that convinces thousands of people to deadlift, and that's amazing. The 'slow carb' diet reads like a simplified version of Berardi's nutrition habits, which is just plain good advice and if he convinces more people to follow the protocol then more power to him.

It seems like twitter and several blogs are buzzing about PAGG already though. I've used ALA with some success in the past. EGCG had an effect on me too, and is backed by Berardi and others. I'm hoping that you can post more of your results, I'm curious about how policosanol and garlic affect the stack.


Hmm, I just checked out paggreview.com which might be worth keeping an eye on, and some of the companies that are developing an all in one stack. The guy at paretonutrtion.com/ said they are manufacturing now and will be shipping in the second half of January.


I've never heard of this diet before. But I don't think it's a good diet, especially for the average joe, who'd like to bulk up a bit of muscle, and lose belly fat.

Those supplements won't make a noticeable difference to someone who isn't a top level athelte. it's a bad idea to recommend supplements like such as those to a general audience. Whey and fish oil are better.


What do you mean? Any justification on these claims?


I have read Tim's first book (4HWW) and much of his blog as well as a variety of critiques of him. He is a fraud. I can almost guarantee that whatever supplement companies spring up selling "PAGG" are directly affiliated with him.

After all, he ran a supplement company before he ever wrote a book. I have used his original supplement (known as both Brainquicken and Bodyquicken) as well as the AGG of PAGG. Neither are effective. Don't waste your money, on the books or the supplements.


This is a post from off topic discussion of his book. I haven't and don't plan on reading the book, but it sounds to me like he takes solid exercise/nutrition principles, adds his own 'twist' ala PAGG and makes outrageous claims.


I agree with munozad. I have found similar results without changing my diet. Bonus as well - I am sleeping better with no interruptions. One update I found on Ferriss's site - exclude the green tea flavinal on the before bed time dose - so the last dose would be PAG instead of PAGG.


PAGG is great. So much so that when Tim's book first started coming over to the UK, I started it. I have been on it a few months now, although the cost for people in the EU is high, so I had to research a bot to find affordable products.


You signed up in 2002 and saved your first post for this. It must be a good stack!