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Page Refreshes Itself, Goes Back to Top When Trying to Read Replies

I don’t know if this is only happening to me or what but every thread I try to scroll down and read the page will just refresh and go back to the top, no matter how many times I try and has happened on all pages I am reading.

Happens to me a lot.

I’m guessing this in on mobile, not desktop, right?

I haven’t heard of it or seen it, but will let the tech people know. How long has it been an issue?

Nope on my laptop on Chrome.

Only had it happened today.

This is weird look at the very top of the page I wasn’t even on this page and that’s not where the name of the topic goes it’s above the T Nation symbol supposed to be below it keeps happening.

I’m having the same issues. Started yesterday. I’m on mobile. Overall, the site has been very glitchy the past 3 weeks or so.

It’s still happening to me on Chrome makes the site unusable. Does it doesn’t seem to happen on Microsoft Edge.

When it refreshes it says something about iframe right above the ad at the top of the page, if that helps anybody.