PaddyM 2.0

I’ve been out of it for a few years but am getting back in the gym. When I was training 5/3/1 got me up to (if I remember correctly):
Squat: 365 x5
Bench: 275 x3
Military: can’t remember
Dead: 455 x2

I just tested my maxes and they look like this:
Squat: 279 ~252 training max
Bench: 202 ~182
Dead: 411 ~370
Military: 127 ~115

31 years old, 6’, 210lbs.

I’ll be going about this with the boring but big approach and using the 65/75/85 first week percentage scheme. My goals are to make progress towards beating my old records. In terms of diet I’m going to try two things: get as much protein as I need and cut back on the IPAs and sours.

My work schedule is odd with 12 hr shifts both days and nights. Sometimes I’ll be training two days a week. Others I will do four. Some days I’ll hit the gym for a few hours, others I’ll do the main lifts and the boring but big 5x10 and that’ll be it.

I’ll be doing conditioning but I do also place an emphasis on short distance running (nothing over two miles unless friends drag me to do a 5K)

I run about 2-3 times a week. My runs are anywhere from 1/2 mile - 1.5 miles with the occasional 2 miler. I’ll post some pics when I do get a chance. That’s it for now. I’ll be starting tomorrow but most likely wont update after every workout.

Tuesday 12/29/15:
Bench: 120x5 135x5 155x10
80lb bench 5x10
B/W Pull ups: 5x5x5x5 Lat pulldowns: 135x10x10
Curls: 65 10x10x10x10
Tabata and 20 minute 10.0 3.5mph incline walk

Wednesday 12/30/15
Squat: 165x5 190x5 215x12 135 5x10
Seated Calf raises 115 5x10
10.0 3.5mph incline walk

Monday 1/4/16
Press: 75x5 85x5 100x10 60-5x10
Pullups 5x5 Pull downs 150x10 135x10
Shrugs 185 5x10
Curls 70 5x10
Tabata and 1 mile treadmill run at 6:58 pace

Tuesday 1/5/16
Dead 240x5 280x5 315x14
Leg curls 130x10 115 4x10
Seated calf raises 135 5x10
Walk treadmill 12 incline 3.5mph 14 minutes