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'Padded' PL Shirt


Just when you thought powerlifting couldn't get any more out of control....

Dave Hoff was accused of "padding" his shirt at the Powerstation Pro-Am. I guess 200lbs of carry over from his bench shirt just wasn't enough?




thats crap


didn't anyone there say something to the effect of WTF IS THAT!!!


Yeah, that's hilarious. How was he even allowed on the platform like that?

That's fucking ridiculous. Definitely a new low.


You know that shit don't look natural.


I guess synthol might be making its' way into powerlifting.


The video of his lifts on youtube was taken down "due to the controversy".



As I read in another post, butt implants would really help your bench arch.


i never thought i could ever be a powerlifter because pound for pound i am weak as hell...but maybe with a basketball stuffed up my shirt and a towel wrapped around it i could get my belly to just under the bar then just maybe....nevermind




I'm going to get breast implants placed low on my ribcage, I'll have a natural three-board.

That's obscene.


On one hand, I find this troubling. The SPF is good organization and I lift there. I feel like the judging in most of the SPF meets is at a happy medium- not USAPL strict, but no gifts. But this benign lump under Hoff's singlet looks like some flim-flam shit.

On the other hand, it's hard to say for certain what this really is. I can't tell for certain if it is a foreign object or the just the effect of his shirt (and the weight it is supporting) mashing his guts against his belt and the camera catching it at a weird angle. The judges in that meet were experiencd and reputable.

Photographic evidence is... well... you know how we have all these great pictures of the Loch Ness Monster but zero physical evidence- yeah, kind of like that. Since we have no concrete evidence, I defer to the judges on this one.


Hahaha, just get one giant implant right above your belly button.


Some guys I know (will remain anonymous to protect the innocent) said that Phil Harrington (who is one of Hoff's trainng partners at Westside) looked like he had stuffed his shirt with something before his third attempt at the Lexen Summerslam in July..


Oh, c'mon Pinto. I appreciate your diplomacy but they didn't even take any steps to conceal the shape of the insert.

I think this is one of those you can call it as you see it.


See- the shape of it is the fishy thing. The bulge itself is pretty innocent. But from the pics, I really can't say for certain. I'd give it an 80% chance though that it's a pair of wadded up knee wraps or something.


Looks to me like half a foam roller or something.


like a brand new pair of knee wraps when they are wrapped up end to end still in the plastic...bingo...i think we have a winner


This makes us powerlifters look so bad. I thin Hoff shouldnt be banned for life if he is caught, but I think he should be punished from competing for over 2 years