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Pacquiao vs Mosley


The fight nobody wants.


Yup. Fuck them


I'm not wasting my time watching this fight.


Wowwwww... et tu fnf??


Yep Bob Arum can go fuck himself!


That's right. Fight Marquez at 140 if you don't want to go to 135, or Berto at 147.

Arums a little bitch for setting up this fight. Even worse, he knows this fight is garbage. Oh well, gotta protect your cash cow! Wouldn't Karma be a bitch if Mose stunned Pac with a hard right cuz you know Pac will stand in the hole to deliver his shots?

But I will have my traditional "Pac barbecue" that night though. haha


I was going to complain then realized at this point I dont even care enough to do that.


Mosley's been begging for this fight forever. Is that man as broke as he sounds?

But, everyone pretty much agrees this fight is whack. I would rather see Pac and Marquez go at it for another epic trilogy or maybe do a catch weight with Martinez, although the size thing could be a real issue and Martinez's camp is probably gonna ask ridiculous money for him to drop down.

None of this shit would even be talked about though if Mayweather would just step up.


Martinez should NEVER do a catch weight with Pac or anyone else.


I think this is an idea for a tune up fight for pacquiao, just to bridge the gap when later in the year Floyd jr and roger will get their legal problems finalised.
Just hope 24/7 can get Christopher Nolan on board cause bar the pac fanboys this is one hell of a lame sale.


They want Martinez at 147, in other words they don't want him at all.


Yeah, yeah, and around about 10 months ago, all the fans were crying around that Pacquiao should be fighting Mosley instead of Top 5 Welter Joshua Clottey.

Hey listen, you ought to just sit back and enjoy whatever last few fights Pacquiao puts on because he's coming near the end of his stellar career.
He doesn't have to prove anything anymore: Pacquiao has already cemented a place for himself as a legitimate All-Time Great by fighting so many of the very best fighting men of his era, one of the Greatest pound-for-pound fighters in Boxing history.

Fighting professionally for 16 years against so many of the very best men of his era. Pacquiao's twilight is coming soon as Father Time will do his thing.

You young guys ought to just be appreciative to have a true legendary fighter in your era just as the fighters of my youth were Great fighters Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Arguello, Julio Cesar Chavez, the prime Mike Tyson of 1986...

This ol' fight-fan is tellin' ya that Pacquiao is cut from that same cloth.
Pacquiao has actually carved more of a legacy than many of those listed legendary fighters that I remember.


Arguably losing to Marquez twice. And facing washed up dried up used fighters hardly cements him imo. Best in our era which hardly means shit.


Obviously you're one of the gullible sheep who doesn't know Boxing, kid...


Clever, maybe you don't. All of this eight weight class bull shit. A: Boxing has a ton of weight classes B. Who makes title fights catch weight fights?
If you can't see Hatton was done when he fought Pac, you're an idiot.

If you can't see he lost at least one of those fights to Marquez, you're an idiot.
If you can't see ODH was dried up, Cotto was a shell of his former self and Plaster hands was never dangerous then you're a fool. I'm not saying money May is any better. But to consider either top 10 all time, shit even top 20 all time then you're a fool and need to go back and watch real fighters of the past.


Ah, yea, because he should have. Mosley came off a huge win in early 2009 and begged to fight Pac, but was turned down so he could face Clottey, the only boxer of this decade who doesn't punch.

Mosley is shot- a one-sided demolition by Floyd and a draw with Sergio fucking Mora. (WHO??)

He's in the Top 100 greatest. Probably in the 40s or 50s I'd say. He's still very far from the top.

This is where the booze clearly started to hit you.

He's no where near Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Leonard, or Roberto Druan. He's just not. The fact that you're saying Pac has carved out a bigger legacy is remarkably ridiculous.

He beat Morales after losing to him, he lost both times CONVINCINGLY to Marquez (I don't give a fuck what the judges said), he beat a strong Hatton, a worthless dried out DLH, a strong but ruined Cotto, and a Margarito who everyone except those who talk to trees knew was too fucking slow and mismatch from the start.

This is not bigger, or better, than the legendary wars that the Four Kings, or Chavez or Arguello or Pryor or any of the above, were in. In fact, it's markedly less.

This Mosley fight is a sham, just like the Margo fight was. If this is the course he wants to take, fine, but real boxing fans should shun this travesty of a "fight."


Mayweather is much closer to being a Top 10.

He beat Ricky when he was undefeated. He beat Castillo twice, he absolutely wrecked Corrales, Zab Judah, Demarcus Corley, Arturo Gatti, and everyone else at 140 and below.

Then he beat DLH before he started slipping, and shut Sugar Shane down in a fashion that NOBODY except Vernon Forrest has done, but he did it with skill, not power.

Much better fighter. Pac is good but he only fights guys that have the style he wants. Floyd has fought every type of boxer out there and not only beaten, but SMOKED them


Good points, I pick Floyd if this match ever happens.


I agree, timing couldnt be worse for manny picking shane. In his defense, he just fought margarito, cotto, i won't mention the clottey fight, but the mans been fighting some tough fights and picking the fighter that makes him the most money with the least risk isnt the worst we've seen from anyone. Unfortunately this is a lose lose for pac once again, he dominates mosley and he beats an old man, he loses hes fucked, mosley lands anything significant and makes an interesting fight he'll get slammed worse that ever. I think stylistically shane won't be a walk in the park. shanes always been hot and cold through his career, so we really don't know what form he'll show. And this may be erroneous but who has looked good facing mora? I think it would be foolish to judge him based on that performance. I guess we'll just wait and see. Saying its a mismatch may be going too far, but who knows till it happens


Winky Wright. Just sayin'.

Sugar Shane does not like fighting people who box. I will be surprised if Pac makes him look worse than Mayweather did.