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Pacquiao vs Marquez


Let it all out Irish.


Seriously, Juan Manuel Marquez got robbed for the third time. You make me sick boxing!

I am simply disgusted.

Marquez stock is fucking up after this fight, he showed he is not done in any way.


Agreed. While Pacquiao may have had it on volume, I think Marquez by far landed more significant punches.

Anyway, I think this brings up big questions about how Pacquiao will take on Mayweather.


There could have been alot more exchanges in this match


I think Pac barely won the first two fights. I can still remember the significant punches he landed. No one can convince me otherwise.

BUT all I remember from this fight was Marquez snapping Pacs head back a few times. Marquez won this fight. Pac couldn't make adjustments. Or simply Marquez's style wouldn't allow him to.

Also from the looks of this fight, Mayweather will either UD or KO Pac. Mayweather is too big and skilled.


did marqued get robbed from a win? no. did he get robbed from a draw? yes. Should they fight again? yes! will they ?? no. Mayweather was smiling the whole fight cause he knows that he will destory pac but styles make fights and something was visibly wrong with pac tonight. He wasn't firing combinations and was not attacking at all. This was after freddy roach claimed "he had the best camp ever" something was wrong with pac tonight. I wonder what it was. Fight was a draw nonetheless and like one of the hbo crew members said "you don't win the championship you take it" 3 judges along with lederman had pac wining or drawing. No one had marquez wining. I will trust their judgment better than some people in a forum but ofcourse they were bribed :slightly_smiling:



I agree there could of been a lot more exchanges in the fight, but JMM totally relies on counter punching which I think doesn't favor him in the eyes of the judges which is unfortunate on his part. I had Manny winning this 116 - 112, and felt like I was watching an Olympic Boxing match trying to count how many times the glove touched the other fighter almost lol.


I told you all Marquez was gonna whip Pacquaio's ass.

Mayweather will dismantle this fucking guy if they ever fight.


I really hope Marquez doesn't retire after this robbery =(


Wow, ammy is moving away from punch-count scoring just as pro starts moving towards it.

This looked like an olympic boxing match, and I don't mean that as a compliment.


Agreed, no offense to the elite boxers today but they fight more 'not to lose' than to actually outright win. I'm not saying get into an all out slugfest and leave yourself open, but if you sit and tap tap tap counters, don't expect to win or look impressive in the judges eyes. MMA fighters who do this are slowly ruining the sport, only thing is the UFC will renew or not renew any contract they want to (no sense keeping a boring fighter who is bad for ratings). I miss the Hagler/Hearns/Leonard days and Arguello/Pryor fights were men were fighting men. Arturo Gatti must of rolled over in his grave last night, and Ward prolly shut it off after 3 rounds.


Do you actually train and in what?


Counter-strikers ruining MMA?

-Anderson Silva vs everyone
-Kampmann vs Deigo
-Penn vs Deigo, Florian, Stevenson

You get the idea.

This was a good fight.


he trains on criticizing about everything he steps and comments about fighting


Shit, remember dude that these are two guys that have literally spent 72 minutes fighting only each other. They know they can get hurt, and they know the other guy as well as they know themselves. They also both know that a KO loss would severely hurt, if not kill, their career.

So the caution was warranted.

But, Marquez did an INCREDIBLE job of fighting only when he wanted to. He put in his game plan, he utterly DOMINATED the distance/range between the two fighters with his footwork, and he landed the cleaner, more effective shots. It may not have been as exciting as the past matches, but I appreciate the total chess match that was going on between Manny and Marquez and Roach and Beristain.

In my opinion, Marquez clearly won the fight by a round, but I could see draws or Pac winning by a round as reasonable as well.

That ref with the 116- 112, what the fuck was he watching.


yeah sometimes it does ruin MMA. Remember Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote??? I'm not saying counter striking is ineffective, it obviously works. Most times, these counter punchers get the short end of the stick come decision time. Now you get a fighter who predominantly is the aggressor who gets matched up with a dangerous counter puncher, what do you tend to get these days. Square dancing... Back a few years it was an all out brawl perfect stylistic fight. You obvious didn't read the post all the way through.

Edit, I should add in MMA sometimes the only sense of urgency when two counter punchers fight and circle endlessly, is when the fans start to boo, otherwise they'd probably circle a few more minutes..



I had the fight scored a draw. And I can't remember the compubox figures exactly but I'm pretty sure Manny did a much better job there than in the previous two fights.

The sad thing is that Marquez is now 0-1-2 when he should probably be the exact opposite.

At least Manny canned the steroids accusations by not looking at all like "Someone whos strength and power has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years".


They get the short end of the stick because MMA judges are HORRIBLE.

You get square dancing instead of the kind of fight JMM/Pacman was because 98% of MMA fighters don't know how to box.

Anderson Silva was trolling. He did this two other times.

Sorry dude, if you think counterpunching and 'point-fighters' are ruining either sport... well I was going to say you don't know what you're talking about, but maybe it just isn't your cup of tea. Just know there are people that actually enjoyed watching JMM/Pac, JMM/May, May/Judah, Leonard/Hagler.


On topic, I had it 7-5 (115-113) Marquez. Rd 2 4 5 7 9 10 11

Was scoring with a Pac bias too. They were about even on aggression, but I thought Marquez was controlling where the fight went in the rounds I gave him. More importantly, he was landing cleaner.


They're were 240 punches thrown this fight. How is that lack of aggression? The drunk Affliction shirt fans talking shit to their girlfriends at Hooters really need to just watch X-Arm wrestling for excitement.