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Pacquiao/Margarito: Let's Discuss


I know nothing about Boxing. But watching the specials on HBO has me interested. Who do you guys think will win and why?

Also, was there proof that Margarito had plaster in his gloves?


There was proof, he was caught with the illegal wraps and was banned from boxing for a year.

I think Pac will win for two reasons: Margarito has lost a step and he'll be drained.


I watched Margarito spar on the HBO special. He's a big bastard compared to Manny. His trainer even wore extra padding. You sure Margarito can't break his ribs?


Well, 24/7 was created to promote fights. HBO makes each episode with the intention of trying to entertain fight fans and get people to buy the PPV. I guess you'll just have to get the PPV to find out if he can crack the monstrous melon of Pacquiao.


Listen man, 24/7 was created to hype fights. A lot of fights, like Mayweather-DLH, Mayweather-Hatton, Pac-Cotto, they didn't have to hype because those were quality fights by good fighters.

However, sometimes they have to drum up enthusiasm, like what they did with Pac-Clottey, because the fight is essentially a mismatch.

A boxing website recently asked me for a prediction on this fight, and I went back and watched the videos. I'm a huge Margarito fan, even after that handwrap scandal, which was really fucked up of him to do. But I still like him, because he's a hard guy who's gone from the bottom to the top, and I essentially think he's a good person.

But really, watching his fights with Cotto, Clottey, Williams, and Mosley, there's one thing that's always certain- Margo gets hit. He gets hit ALOT. Sometimes, he's able to break the guy down, like Cotto, and sometimes he's not, like Mosley. All the while keep in mind that in reality, We don't know how hard he really hits- how much was him, and how much was the plaster.

He certainly did no damage to Shane Mosley, who is vulnerable to larger, hard punching fighters (like Forrest).

There's a few points to be made. In the last 24/7, Margo stepped on teh scale a week out and was 154. That means he's got to lose three more pounds... and he was so shredded already that I couldn't believe it- like, you could see every vein in his legs.

He's going to come out drained because of this weight loss.

On top of that, Pac throws fast, hard combinations of straight punches. Margarito throws wide, looping shots that take forever and a day to get there. Combine these things with Pac's long rhytym, bouncing style, and you have Margarito missing lots of haymakers while Pac chips away with very hard, straight shots.

Margarito made Clottey look world class- Pac annihilated him in a shutout. Margarito beat Cotto after losing the first six rounds, and might have had bricks in his gloves- Manny dominated Cotto and legitimately knocked him down twice.

This all tells me that Manny is going to be a clear victor. Styles make fights, and Margo is custom made for Manny Pacquiao.

That being said, fuck him, I'm still pulling for Margarito, just cause those Filipino fuckers hate me so much.


Filipinos hate you, Irish?


Hey Irish,
I'm probably the only Filipino who respects your insight even though you always pick against Pac.
Pac KO by the 7th round.


Yes. Because I always pick against Pacquaio, I've been listed several times by those little fuckjobs on various websites as a "Pac hater" etc. In reality I respect Pac alot, I've just picked against him a few times.

His fans, however, suck ass, don't know shit about boxing, and just ramble on and on and on about how wonderful he is. It's hard to listen to

(and I don't mean you fnf. Just from what I've seen on boxing sites).


Sounds about right. I can't blame you though, I'd pick against him for the sake of being controversial if I'd an account for boxing message boards. You're guaranteed to have at least 40 people defend the humble[picture of himself in every room of his house] congressman.


Saw the weigh in. Manny looked kind of skinny and flat at 144.6, not ripped and strong like he usually does. It better be the lack of tan. lol


Supposedly he was looking to slow so they stopped adding weight.


Good breakdown, i agree with you. (side note, angelo dundee and teddy atlas have picked Margarito to win.)


I believe Atlas has picked against Pac in a majority of his fights.


this will be a brutal one sided bout. Pac in 4 maybe less.


After watching the weigh in, I'm not so sure. Margo came in at 150 and looked pretty good. Pac came in at 144, and didn't look as shredded as he normally does.. in fact, he looked a little flat. I was stunned.

Viva Margarito!


I used to love Margarito - I thought he was a damn exciting fighter. After the hand wrapping scandal and seeing more of him apart from boxing, I can't stand the guy.
Pacquiao is incredibly undersized, but i've loved the guy for (most) of the decade. I trust Pacman and Roach see something that we don't, and hope he knocks Margarito the f out. Considering Margarito can take shots from big boys, i'd be happy with a decision W.
Margarito had the powerful punch, but since removing the bricks from his gloves all we know is he couldn't KO a nobody.
Even if Margarito still had the power advantage, I don't see him landing many - if any - on Pacquaio. He's too damn slow.


Yeah and he went to far when he made fun of Roach's Parkinson's. I wanna see him lose get a Cotto rematch and lose again.


Damn, Pac went off his cycle too early! hahahahahaha I'm joking. When Pac weighed in against Cotto at about the same weight, he looked completely different. Hope it's not a sign.

Yea Margo looked good, but let's see how he is the first few rounds. Hopefully he looks like DLH or Erick Morales (3rd fight). I expect him to be about 163-165 cuz he'd be stupid to be only 155 or so.


You're going to know right away. DLH only rehydrated a few pounds up- that's how we knew he was in trouble. If Margarito comes in at 154 or 155, it's not a good sign- he drained too much and can't get it back in time.

If comes in at 160-165.... could be a longer night for Pac then we all previously thought