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Pacquiao Cotto 24-7


Anyone else notice the visible split between Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao?

I think the Hatton fight was his high water mark. He will be brought down to earth by Cotto.


Yeah i noticed their camp is having some issues.


I wouldn't even really call it a split, just preferences. At the end of the day he'll listen to Roach, but you can't blame the guy for voicing his opinions on how he wants camp to go.

Anyway, this will be a good fight. One thing is for sure though; no KO for Manny lol.


anybody have some links/vids about this issue?

DAMN im so excited to see these 2 bang.
gonna be BIBLICAL lol.


The new one is coming on tonight, the "old" one comes on a couple times a week on HBO.

Basically, Manny wanted to stay in the Philippines and Freddy wanted to leave. There was another typhoon on the way and Manny wanted to pretty much wait until it'd be too late to leave if things got bad, Freddie wanted to leave before the typhoon got there. They're training in California now, everything was worked out.


Cotto's always had a suspect chin so I wouldn't be surprised to see him get KO'd. The question is how good is Manny's chin when Cotto catches him.


I've always felt Pac has a good chance of winning against Cotto IF he's there 100% mentally. But with the floods in the Philippines, little rifts that may or may not be there, I'm not sure if he is. So my worse fear can happen: A skilled, naturally bigger fighter + Pac not 100% = Cotto by KO, cuz this fight isn't going to decision.

And I wouldn't call Hatton Pacs high water mark. Hatton was exposed against Mayweather and Juan Lazcano, so Pac just put him out of his misery. Hatton can now enjoy himself fighting in the heavyweight division of the UFC!

One more thing, at least Pac is taking the chance of fighting bigger opponents. He started at 106 in 1995, and now fighting 145lb opponents. It would be nice to see my other favorite fighter Floyd fight natural welterweights instead of blown up lightweights.


Episode is airing later tonight so it should be on youtube tomorrow.


LOL. No way. And Cotto, though he's been hurt, has never been KO'd, even by Margo who had bricks in his gloves. That's ridiculous.


Id like to see Pacquiao beat Cotto and then beat Mayweather.


Pacman got a knee injury from playing b ball


LoL. You obvously didn't watch his fight against Chop Chop. He barley escaped that fight against a washed up fighter.


He also knocked Chop Chop out. Not only that, did you not watch Cotto/Margarito? If Margarito couldn't knock him out no one in the division is knocking him out.

Does Cotto get beat up sometimes? Yeah, but he also normally wins the fight too.


My point about the Chop Chop fight was that he was in serious trouble stumbling everywhere against a guy who's not really known for his power. If Corley was more aggressive when Cotto was rocked, he would've put him away.

And yes, I saw the Margarito fight where he had to quit. Obviously Margarito cheated, but it didn't go the distance.

We'll agree to disagree. We'll see how Cotto does against Pac. I'm not saying he's going to get KO'd for sure, but there's a good chance it'll happen.


His trainers threw in the towel, but that fight was pretty even. If he can take shots from a fighter using illegal wraps and not get knocked out, and hasn't been knocked out his whole career, Manny definitely isn't going to KO him. Getting knocked down and getting knocked out is completely different.


NOT a good chance, a chance..yes, just like with any fight. pac is a great fighter great speed and very powerful/explosive for HIS SIZE.. cotto is a much bigger man this looks like a mismatch to me...and i kinda want pac to win, cuz i wanna see money mayweather kick his ass!


wont beat mayweather...mayweather is stronger, more skilled, and while pac is fast as fuck, money is still faster and WAY more fluid in his movements. also pac has never seen defense like money's, pac is used to his opponents coming right at him and taking his barage of punches, money dont play that shit. even if they go toe ta toe i think MAY can take PAC (which i hope to see the speed between these 2). im not saying pac sux, i like him alot ...i just like floyds ring savy and athleticism more.


I'd like to see Mayweather take a chance and fight Mosley or Williams, instead of fighting someone smaller than him.


If Pacquiao can stay inside on Mayweather he'll have a good chance at getting a split decision.. don't see him getting a UD. I don't think Pacquiao could do enough to get a UD.

Mosley/Mayweather wont be as big a money fight as a Pacquiao fight, but it'll be a great fight. I really hope it'll happen.


Exactly. I give him credit for doing it, but he's not going to beat full size welterweights. Roach knows this, and that's why he wouldn't let Cotto come in at 147.

This is another cath 22 for Pac though- if he wins, it could easily be said that the last two pounds killed Cotto , and Roach will be accused of making fighters dry out to skeletons to fight Pac. If he loses, he loses.

There is a chance of a TKO, but a KO is very, very doubtful.