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Pacquaio vs. Cotto


It's signed for Nov. 14 at a catchweight of 145.



Damn, wanted to see Mayweather and Pacman.


same here..go thief go!


What weight does mayweather fight at? I'm not a boxing aficionado but I saw pac put it to that british guy a while back. Damn.


He started at 130 but has moved as high as 154. Generally he fights between 144 and 154 now.

And "that British guy" is RICKY HATTON!! My favorite boxer. :wink: Heart of a lion, unfortunately not the chin to go with it anymore.


The catchweight is 145, from what I hear, which makes it very interesting.

If it was at 147, I'd lean toward Cotto in a tough-to-judge fight.

If it was at 140, I'd bet Pac would whip Cotto on pts or KO him late.

At 145, I'm betting Pac will win a tough and gritty decision.


I have nearly the exact same feelings. Cotto is as shitty at 140 now as DLH is at 147. Although, with a banger like Cotto, Roach wouldn't have let Pac take the fight if he thought he would be in serious trouble.

I think that Pac's handspeed and movement will be really difficult for Miguel. However, the only guy to ever beat him had horseshoes in his gloves and beat him nearly senseless over 11 rounds before he quit.

It's an intriguing matchup. I'm a big Cotto fan, so I hope he does it. Shut up all these Pac nuthuggers all over Eastsideboxing. Cotto's got that real blue-collar, factory worker attitude about fighting. I like that.


Agreed on Hatton and Agreed on Cotto. Cotto took it to Clottey in June proving he could handle a much faster fighter. The guy has a ton of heart and as you saw in the Clottey fight has a huge fan following. We may look back and wonder what we were thinking but I'd love to see someone end the Pacquiao hype. Ill admit he is a great fighter but im a sucker for the underdog story.


I'm going to go with Cotto on this one. I think he's getting the typical underdog treatment, and he's going to be overlooked because of Paquaios likely showdown with Mayweather. I think Cotto is going to take it to him and pull off an upset. This should be a very exciting fight to watch. Prediction: Cotto by decision.


Mayweather is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez in September at 144, it was postponed from this month due to a Mayweather injury. Mayweather and Pacquiao would have to wait a while to fight anyway. They will probably fight eventually, but Cotto is a good fight for now. Of course Pacquiao will have to defend all the belts he took from Hatton some time or vacate them. Mayweather might also want to get his belts back at welterweight.

As for Pacquiao-Cotto, it's an interesting match-up. Pacquiao will be fighting up in weight again against a bigger, stronger opponent. One who is tough and can take a punch and hits hard too. I don't think the weight cut will be much for Cotto either. This will be a test for Pacquiao against a real, top-notch welterweight. Of course Pacquiao seems to be getting better and better at a blistering pace and his technical skills are getting much better.

He seems unaffected by the moves up in weight and I really don't know what he is capable of. His left is becoming wickedly good and hard to see coming. I wasnâ??t impressed by how the Clottey fight went down. I think this fight will be better all around and as a Pacquiao fan I hope he can do it. I think he can but I think it is pretty even with no favorite. This should be good.


The PacMan takes this. KO by round 7.


No way.

Either Pac will win on points or Cotto by KO. Cotto has been through wars with some of the best... if Mosley couldn't knock him out, there's no way Pac will.


In my opinion, there is no way Cotto makes it to the end of this fight. Cotto is one of my favorite fighters, but after his loss to Margarito, he didn't look the same. I think Clottey won their bout, and anyone else who saw it would agree that it wasn't as lopsided as the score. Pacquiao is on a whole other level right now. Cotto hasn't seen the speed of Pacman, and I think Pacquiao has shown that he's not that small fighter. He'll show up bigger, stronger, and faster than Cotto. I'd be surprised if Cotto made it to 8.

Mosley couldn't knock out Cotto, but Mosley looked like a different fighter from Cotto to Margarito.


Pacquiao destroyed De la hoya at 147. And when he fought Hatton at 140, his speed and power was amazing. Now at 145, I expect the speed to be at least the same and the power to increase.

With Cotto, he lost his last fight against Clottey in most expert's opinion, even Floyd said so in an interview.

Pacman is just on another level right now man. The guy is a beast! There's no way Cotto can hang with his speed and explosive power.

Plus Mosley wasn't as good when he fought Cotto. But you never know though. I mean, one mistake from each fighter can end it for them.


He won't show up bigger and stronger. Cotto normally comes in at 154 after making the 147 limit, and he's fought fighers like Clottey and Margarito who come in on fight night at 158-160 lbs.

Pac is still small, and doesn't carry his power to 147, as evidenced by DLH's fight- If that fight had gone four more rounds, DLH still wouldn't have been knocked out.

Pacquaio hasn't fought a fighter like Cotto yet at the higher weights- a boxer/puncher with a great jab and a hard left hook. Cotto is also masterful at timing his punches.

Unless Cotto comes in DLH drained, he wins this fight (unless it gets stopped on cuts, which could happen too).


He destroyed him because DLH was a walking corpse, and clearly had no energy. DLH ten years ago puts on a hell of a show against Pac, no question.

Power does not increase for smaller fighters going up- they lose it. Pac looked good at 140, yes, against a fighter that is roughly the same size as him. Cotto is a much bigger fighter who fights much bigger opponents. Pac's power is nothing compared to Margarito's or Mosley's.

Pac would not have knocked out DLH if you had given him 15 rounds.

He absolutely did not. And I don't give a fuck what Floyd said- he's still in the game and has much to gain by baiting other fighters.

I watched that fight, and though it was razor thin, Cotto won.

Maybe not with this speed. This is where Cotto's weight becomes an issue- if he's drained at 145 then he won't be able to handle it. If he's not, then he will.

And as I said, Pac's power is not going to win him this fight. Cotto is not Ricky Hatton.

Mosely wasn't as good? How do you figure?

Cotto matches up better with Mosely than he does with Margarito. He's dealt with speed before in Zab Judah, and he dealt with Margo for 11 rounds, many of which he won, before he slowed down.

Pac is in for a surprise.


Well Irish, I hope you're wrong on your Pac prediction, just like when you picked DLH and Hatton by KO. I'm takin Pac by late KO because of his movement and speed.
One thing about DLH, the only one who KO'd him was Hopkins and that was to the body, DLH has an underrated chin. So I never saw Pac being able to KO DLH.


Okay, Cotto comes in at 154, but Pacquaio did come in at 148 on fight night. He also fought a 153 fight night Hatton and KO'd him. Cotto has fought bigger fighters, but he's not fighting a bigger fighter in November. He's fighting someone with speed he's NEVER seen. Cotto's style will be overcome by excellent training. Four more rounds and De La Hoya would still not have been KO'd? Pacquaio should have knocked him out in that last round, but he seemed to be letting up for whatever reason. If DLH would have gotten out of that chair, he'd be on the canvas.


hahahahha. You've been on this forum too long, fuck you.

But yea, I did pick DLH. But in my defense, nearly everyone who saw that matchup said that DLH was much too big for Pac. I don't think anyone thought that DLH would come in looking like the ghost of Christmas past like he did.

And Hatton... well what the fuck. I was picking with my heart, as I always do any time Ricky Hatton fights. The guy's my favorite fighter, and you could tell me he was going up against Rambo tomorrow and I would still pick him.

Absolutely agree. DLH has one of the most underrated chins in the business- there wasn't a chance of Pac KO'ing him.


Maybe I'm not sure what you mean. You said Cotto won't be the bigger fighter. He will be. Not by much, mind you, but he will be. However, as for size of fighters he's seen, Cotto has seen much, much larger opponents than Pac has ever faced. The guys Cotto has fought are full size guys, guys who weigh in at 147 but then go into the 160s on fight night. They're full sized- certainly not a drained out DLH.

He's fighting someone with speed he's NEVER seen.

Zab has that speed. Zab is the fastest fighter I've seen second to Floyd. Cotto beat him.

That's possible. I don't put anything past Freddie Roach- he's a master. However, Cotto has a great jab and a lot of power. That's enough to keep Pac off him, and then hit him with the big shots that Cotto lands in EVERY fight he's ever fought.

You're wrong on that one. De La Hoya, as someone else said, has the most underrated chin in the business. The guy has been dropped by KO once, and that was to Bernard Hopkins (one of the GOAT) at a heavier weight by a body shot (I think that fight was fixed.)

But DLH has taken shots from the likes of Hopkins, Mosley, Vargas, Mayweather, and a host of other champs at the weight who are way stronger than Pac- and never been dropped. Don't think for a second that DLH would ever be knocked out by Pacquaio.