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Paco, Paco, Paco


If Branch Warren can win top spots, why not Paco?


That side chest shot is freaky! Even better in the video. His shoulders really kill his chest, but just looks awesome overall.

I'm sure with some tan and finishing diet touches he'll overpower some ppl.


The pop on those hamstrings on that side chest pose is AMAZING!

0.26 for reference

I have to agree that his chest is overpowered a bit by his shoulders. Though that is nitpicking


Not even sure if you're being serial.

From a pure aesthetics perspective, I actually think BW looks pretty good, Paco looks pretty bad.

I'm not one to complain about distended bellies, but Paco's belly sticks out further than his chest.

His upper chest is still a weak point (although less of a weak point than it was) and I just can't help but feel his new size is just the result of increased drug use as opposed to more time and heavier weights.

I don't know, you guys can flame away but that's my knee jerk reaction to what I just watched.




Did you really call him 'Warren Branch'? And you wonder....

Bautista looks worse than Kovacs and King Kamali (ifbb kamali, not npc) combined.

Stop trolling.


He has some of the freakiest limbs in the sport. I think Branch has a better structure, but I see your point. Other than that, Paco's just overpowered by Warren's promotion/exposure.

Damn I'd like to see a mexican bodybuilder like that.


The people that posted. Have you ever looked at him in competition shape and compared the pics next to Branch, and Phil and even Kai's fire hydrant lookng ass?? This guy has some of the worst genetic shape and proportion to ever hit the pro stage.


Thank you.

Btw, I took the initiative to tweak your post a bit.


He looks like a resident evil experiment gone wrong. Like a surgeon assembled random body parts onto a poorly structured frame.

His legs are enormous. But the actual muscle bellies are comically small (comparatively speaking). It looks absurd.


Did you see Ruhl at the 2010 NY Pro. He actually shrunk his waist. But yes, his proportions weren't the prettiest. If he had triceps he'd look more 'normal'.


lol if he was next to you you'd beat him up.


My perspective, I don't understand how he is built. It is truly a mystery to me how he can look like that. Humans don't look like that.


Oh dear GOD, I made one fucking mistake in the man's name after talking about him for about 7 years. Yes, I clearly don't know shit about him.

Dude, no one needs you working as the police around here. You can stop pretending now.


That's my point. Yeah, Paco looks less esthetic, but WTF, how the hell is Branch miles ahead of him in that department?


This post....

And this post...

...are not consistent. Branch Warren doesn't have the aesthetics of a Phil Heath or Vic Martinez, but he's LIGHT YEARS ahead of Paco Bautista. You can google any picture you want of Branch Warren and be pretty hard pressed to see him looking as bad as Paco in that video.

Paco has got a shitton of muscle but looks like dookie.


Agreed. He just looks like a big pile of bodyparts. Guy is fucking huge no doubt, but all aesthetics have gone out the window.

That rear double bi shot - his arms just look like muscles piled on top of muscles and the shape just doesn't look very good IMO.



Are you fighting me or discussing the fucking topic? My post isn't consistent? Because I had two different opinions of the same subject matter about two different aspects of it?

I think Paco is "fascinating". I have never seen anyone else built quite like that. His legs are monstrous...to the point of absurdity. It would seem others are fascinated as well...so what is it you and Bonez are trying to stop me from doing?

Discussing a fucking topic?

Either voice an opinions or leave. No one needs the good cop bad cop routine especially here.


Uhh, I did voice an opinion. You even quoted it. Twice.

My beef isn't with you stating different opinions on a topic so you should probably get over yourself. I (mis)interpreted your first reply to me as being negative (as in, "I can't understand how someone is built so badly") and then saw your reply to MEYMZ and (mis)interpreted that as being positive (as in, "This guy's aesthetics are almost as good as BW's).


Not only does his gut stick out, look also at the width of his waist at 5 sec.
I have never seen anything quite like that before.