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Pacman VS Hitman Full fight




EDIT: or not.


I won't.



on a side note: thanks for the link!


hatton is nothing compared to the pac-man lol shitt what a loser sorry british fans for a waste of your time!!!!!


Very mature you illiterate fuck.

I thinz youse needz to go back to ShErDog!!!11111 lolzzzz


hey hey, while Sherdog is the home of many a retard, I've seen similar posts all over boxing forums as well. Ignorance crosses sports barriers.


There is nothing wrong with what I said. I stand by my statement booo hooo Hatton got knocked out cold, he has nothing on pac. SORRY to you and all the other British fans for hatton wasting your time... floy sr. is a joke shouldn't have hired that crackhead and gave him so much money.. Really Hatton is a loser and lol at his Fiance she's cryig because he's done not because he's hurt!


Yes, but the above cocksucker has it in spades.


Hatton has nothing on Pac.. Obviously. He wasted alot of his fan's and boxing fan's money in that fight. The fight was a joke of a fight because of him. He is a loser. There is no ignorance this is fact.

You are a loser, fact. You hyped up this fight like crazy on this forum because you wanted someone of similar race to win, fact. You feel connected to Hatton because of this, fact. Hatton doesn't give a shit about you, fact. You look like a little bitch the way your crying about him getting ko'd, you need to stop embarassing yourself and acting butthurt because of his loss. FACT


Hatton's wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills that he made when guys like you paid to watch him fight while you're on an internet forum wishing you could bang chicks half as hot as the ones he has fucked, fact.


Thanks for posting the link, although I can't say I enjoyed it.

And I'm sure Ricky is only knocking off his smoking hot fiancee nowadays!


You're a moron. Fact.


Thanks for the link! I don't know how many times i've watched the KO, but it doesn't get old.


Am I the only one who watches boxing and sees how many times they want the fight to go to the ground? It seems like their natural reaction when they get close enough is to shoot in and grab the other person...

Maybe its just the way I've been trained


It's probably in the same way that every time I see MMA guys clinch I wait for the ref to break them up.


It's a completely different sport from MMA...I sometimes get tired of hearing about how MMA's striking is subpar, but there is some truth to it.

I've been going to a boxing only gym for a few months now to work on my hands. This gym is pretty much THE boxing gym here in Hawaii - where you go if you're interested in boxing at a higher level (amateur and pro.) Everyone in there trains to fight, it isn't a club atmosphere at all, and when I first started there I thought I knew what was up as I've been training standup for a few years now.

Let's just say I have overestimated my striking capabilities and get my ass handed to me repeatedly. The first time I finished sparring the guy asked me how long I had been training...then nodded his head and basically told me I should come back when I'd received more training. fuckers.

But it is a completely different sport, they don't worry about the same problems that guys who fight MMA have to worry about.


Which Island in Hawaii?




Fiction, i did not pay to see that fight I saw it from this link. I don't care about Hatton or look up to him in any way. I am not impressed by him in that fight and i'm not impressed with his fiance. don't know who else he's banged but no thanks as far as his fiance is concerned.


Striking in mma is not subpar, I think mma has proved that with the recent wins at K-1. Boxing is subpar though and seems to be the last frontier for mma. A lot of fighters are having success with adding in quality boxing.