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Pacman Jones Makes It Rain


...anybody see this. I don't know what to say, but f---ing ridiculous.


What a waste of talent.


Damn whoever hires his ass again will have PR problems.


Saw this on sportscenter yesterday. If this dude wasn't a talented football player he'd be some hood rat stick-up kid, in-and-out of jail for petty crimes or dead 'cause he knocked off the wrong liquor store. There's something seriously wrong with our country. As a side, it was great to hear the sportscaster use the phrase "making it rain".


Wow, I cannot believe that someone could be that idiotic, He does not deserve a penny if thats how he treats money.


The funny thing is that he's just a marginal corner and return man. Look at what he (didn't) accomplish in Dallas. Useless.


So... it's wrong to throw money at these strippers?

Don't they kinda live off that shit?

So what he throws with the money? He obviously has alot of it, he can choose how he uses it. It's no different than the dude with a normal income slipping a 20 into a dancer's panties.


I agree that the man is a fool, but I'm not sure why you're concerned with how he "treats money".

Oddly, you seem to have found it more disturbing than how he treats women.


I could give a fuck how he spends his money, and that's not what I was talking about, but bringing $100,000 in cash in a Louis Vuiton[sp?] bag to a strip club is retarded.

I was talking about him grabbing some stripper by her hair and bustin' her in the face with his fist 'cause she kept picking cash up after Jermaine Dupri Debo'd the DJ booth and told all of the strippers to stop. I don't understand why guys like this keep getting chances. Dude should be behind bars.


What a fucking tool. That guy is a serious PoS. People like this really make me want to say real negative things...


While agree with some of this, until he is actually convicted of hitting the girl there doesn't seem to be video proof of that.

If the public is willing to make pro athletes some of the most well paid people in the country, who do you really blame when the outcome is young guys with more money than they know what to do with?


100% agree- this dude is a loser and should be behind bars.

Professor has an excellent point though...the fans who buy his jersey for $100 and go to games and spend boatloads on tickets, beer, food, etc allow it to happen, from a monetary standpoint at least. I don't think 99% of these athletes deserve that kind of money. By 'these' athletes i mean just about anyone in the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

It's a shame that, as already pointed out, many of these cocky pieces of trash can't play their sport and make their millions without doing shit like this.


For the people who get mad at him throwing money on strippers, I really do not understand why you have a problem. Just because you're greedy and green because of his money doesn't mean he shouldn't do whatever he wants with the money that he earned fair and square.


Theres nothing wrong w/ throwing money at strippers. But it is pretty stupid to be walking w/ that much cash, throwing it around so freely as it means nothing to you as you have so much of it, then not expecting a stripper who works solely for that money not be pick it up.

Regardless of whether or not he closed fist assaulted somebody for doing it, something happened where he had to be removed from a club, something I doubt management would do for no reason if he was throwing around that much money. Then don't miss the point that some guy decided to shoot a bunch of rounds into the strip club after this all happened, hitting 3 and paralyzing 1.

He can do whatever he wants w/ his money while he still has some of it, but people got hurt because some guy w/ a inflated ego and a lot of cash was acting like an asshole.


I wish our professional athletes would start acting like, well professionals. Take any other multi-million dollar company, besides a sports team; would any supporting player in such an organization be allowed to do this. A high level manager in, say Apple or google, they'd be fired day of if there was a video of them out like this. I know he's already been cut from the cowboys, but he needs to be barred from the NFL, the man does not deserve anymore chances until he shows some change. We need higher moral standards for our athletes. Is it that hard to not go to a strip club and get shot at. Just stay at home and employ those strippers for that $100,000. Stay out of trouble please. These athletes, they are the heroes and role models for our youth and country.


lmfao@ jermaine dupri




i got paid 50 million dollars do catch a ball i'd do the same shit



Don't you think THAT is the problem?


The issue with players' salaries runs much deeper than jersey/ticket costs. Players unions are immensely strong and have created collective bargaining agreements that net the players a higher % of the revenue a league makes than the owners and executive staffs(59% for the NFL, 57 NBA, 56 NHL, 53 MLB). The impact this has upon owners, who are running businesses as a way to make money, is what causes ticket and jersey prices to be so large(players make no % of merchandise sales).

This could end up being an immense discussion so I'll stop there, I just wanted to point out that this isn't exactly all on the fans/owners shoulders(they don't have 0 blame in this either though that's for sure).


Why should he be behind bars, because he has a lot of dough? Because someone says he hit a female? Because he told the officials who the shooter was?