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Packing On 20 lbs In 2 Months??


ok here is my question. How do I pack on 20lbs in two months? Is it possiblle naturally? IF so how and for future thanx D-RoiD


For a beginner its definetly possible. You need to read this site and pick a hypertrophy and eat a ton of calories. Massive eating is a productive way to do this while cutting down on the amount of fat gained. I personally like Chad Waterburys MWF full body programs. Basically bust ass in the gym then recover with food and sleep, repeat. Check back with any more specific questions.


hey thanx for the info calories huh??? i thought it was all about the protien. but what kinda food should i eat. right now i eat a ton of chiken, tuna,oatmeal, and chunky's chiken and dumpling soup.



Check this out!


Ya man its deffinitely possible, i did as a begginner it over 3 years ago, its just a matter of eating, eating, and eating some more, the more sleep the better, and remember your body builds muscle while you rest.

Make sure you are eating cottage cheese before bed, try to keep your meals as calorie dense as possible, those are just a couple of things off of the top of my head.

Just like scottiscool said, JB's Massive Eating, look at a some of Waterbury's stuff. As a begginner your muscles will pretty much respond to almost anything, but the key to growing is EATING!!!


Protein is very important, so are carbs and healthy fats, you will see many general recommendations like 1 g of protein for lb of bodyweight, use that as a bare minimum. The foods you listed, besides the chunky soup(even though it is mighty good) are the basis of what a decent diet has. Try to eat a lot of eggs and lean meats for protien, oatmeal whole grain breads fruits and vegetables for carbs, fish oils and fats from eggs as your healthy fats. Check out some of John Berardi's articles on nutrition to get the basics down. Im sure others will have other recommendations for you


thanx for the info and ill try the cottage cheese thing and ill include some eggs into my diet. just so you guys know ive been lifting for about 2 years, but now im serious and really trying for anything to gain even a couple of pounds and gain stregth dunno what took me so long for the serioius part to happen?


It sounds like you got the protein thing down, but don't forget the carbs! If you want to gain that much weight that quickly you need potatoes and rice and pasta and fruit and veges and oatmeal, etc.

6+ meals a day. Protein with every meal. Fat/or carbs with your protein. Lots of it.


I'm 45 and German Volume Training has been putting on muscle like nothing else. For me it's the Holy Grail. Well, at least for the 6 weeks the growth lasts... :slight_smile:


I had a client go from 137 lbs. to 167 lbs. in about 3 months using the abbreviated version of Randall Strossen's "SuperSquats". Had him eat 6 meals a day. Surge after workouts only. Lots of protein, "healthy" carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, and yams, and flax and fish oils.

Results even shocked the shit out of me.


assuming you diligently implement what you learn from this site, you should have no problem putting on 20 lbs.

prob the more important question is what will you be doing four, six and twelve months down the road?


How the heck do you "abbreviate" Super Squats? lol
Are you talking about the Row, Bench, Squat routine?


Ive never understood this.. . cottage cheese has sod all protein in it unless your eating a whole tub in one go.. . I dont know how pleasant that would be. ..

normal milk also has the cassein protein that is slower digesting.. . maybe just a drink of milk will do the trick. ..


I have never understood it either. Cottage cheese isn't exactly "tasty". I think some people just like to sound "extra nutritious" by claiming they eat the shit. I can think of many other foods that will help me reach my goal without ever eating cottage cheese.


Yea, but I like cottage cheese. Plain ole low fat cottage cheese by itself. I have been eating it for years.


The taste of cottage cheese varies greatly from one brand to another. I find "Friendship" to be the best tasting brand by far. I think their 4% Milk Fat cottage cheese is absolutely delicious. I happen to know quite a few people that regularly eat "Friendship" just for the taste, since most of them are not even into weight lifting...

However, there are plenty of other of good protein sources besides cottage cheese, I don't think anyone would argue with you there.


I could never stomach cottage cheese but I find that the "country-style" with a scoop of protein powder and some frozen blueberries makes it taste like the filling of cheesecake. Not bad at all.


Yeah, if you've seen the book, that is the abbreviated routine. I modified it a bit where he'd do more chins and dips than row and bench, but its essentially the same.


A Prof, can you name a few quick dense meals you can down fast that will pack some weight?


It tastes gross alone. But I think it tastes really good when you put stuff in it. Peanut butter. Fruit. Whatever. And some splenda. It does have a lot of good protein and is fairly cheap.