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Packing a Lunch?


I got to school for a solid 8 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school offers meals but they aren't exactly the best for me, from a nutritional and financial standpoint. So what are some suggestions for snacks on the go that can keep me sustained for such a long period of time?


Turkey, dried fruit, mixed nuts, pretzels, pb&j, ham/turkey sandwiches, water, poptarts.

I mean there are tons of different foods you can eat, on the go, just be sure you pack them in a lunch box or whatever with an ice pack.


meats, veggies, fruit, nuts etc etc. It aint gotta be gourmet bro think of it as fuel save the gourmet stuff for when you have time



Don't forget the perfect food... beef jerky!


Costco sells a box of individual packets of nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews)


I always bring String Cheese and a bag of almonds. The almonds really keep you going.


I can't seem to find any that isn't made with sugar. I'm starting to think I'll have to make my own.



Regular flavor has only 3g.


I know it's not ideal, but what I do when I'm at work from 8 to 3, trying to get 3 feedings in: The 1st one, sadly is a protein bar, 2nd is either 2 precooked chicken breasts and some green veggies, or a few cans of tuna squished into a tupperware. 3rd feeding is a protein shake and bag of nuts, either almonds or cashews.

Now great, but it allows me 3 feedings, add that to breakfast, a meal when I get home, and 2 more after training, and it works out okay. (control what you can, and get by with what you have to at other times)



i totally agree just leave out the pop tarts lol.


protein bars and shakes are your friends.


I'm kind of in the same position as the OP. Sorry to hijack but this might give you some ideas. I am thinking of 2 peanut butter sandwiches with flax bread, 2 milk cartons I buy at school,large banana, and a bag of baked chips. Any thoughts?


This is what I did and am doing: I bought a ton of chicken, I cook the chicken on sunday and keep it in fridge. Also bought a cooler for protein shake, basically just eat chicken and protein shake everyday while im at school then get in carbs and veggies when I'm home and in the morning. This is probably the cheapest way to go thats why I did it hah.


Rice is cheap too, if you're on the go, just add some water and pop it in the microwave.

Add seasoning of whatever to spice it up if you don't like it plain.



Seriously, seriously GET THIS JERKY. I prefer this beef jerky to a fresh-cooked cut of meat.


i am in the same situation and am in a lab for long stretches of time. i have been making my own protein bars from scratch, which fits my meal plan, is low-cost, is better than processed protein bars, and is a great on-the-go meal.

pm me if u want a recipe


Hey guys, I just wanted thank you all for the help. I went to the store and bought some dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, string cheese, and various other things to make sandwiches. I'm actually looking forward to my next school day because of the snacks I'll be packing. Thanks again guys.


Who the fuck told you poptarts, pretzels, and pb&j are good meals?
MAYBE PB&J if the peanut butter and jelly are natural and it's on whole grain bread, but poptarts? PRETZELS?!

PUT THE ABOVE INTO A MASSIVE SALAD AND EAT 1/3 early in the school day, 1/3 ~4 hours later and 1/3 ~ 3 hours after that. Of course this is considering you ate a solid eggwhite&spinach omlette and oatmeal for breakfast.

If you are too lazy to make a real man's salad jsut drink a good , complete protein shake.

POPTARTS LOL still laughing at that one.