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Packin it on

Hello everyone. Just thought I would start posting again. I haven’t been a part of a BB forum for a while but thought I’d get back into it. Especially since I need motivation. I had visitors for the past 3 weeks, and decided to take a break off eating healthy, and training. I ended up gaining about 20 pounds of pure Grade ‘A’ fat. I look horrible and I’m embarassed to go to the gym! I can’t beleive I pigged out like that! I’ve slipped for a few days before (been training for about 8 years now) but never this badly! so anyways, I’m back on the trusty T-Dawg diet, and hopefully I will get my shape back before spring! :slight_smile:

You put on 20lbs of fat in 3 weeks? No offense, but I feel sorry for your friends. I mean, at least you have a diet/exercise program to go back to.

You basically gained a pound of fat EVERYDAY! Without sounding rude, can you tell us what you did eat, so we can avoid it. Thanks

Holy crap. At least you know what to do about it.

heh… :slight_smile: but Yeah. Actually I weighed myself again today and I’m down to 210, which is good cuz last time I weighed myself it was up at 219… Actaully I figure now the scale I weighed myself on was bunk, that combined with the fact I Was probably holding about 5lbs of water. So it’s not as bad as I thought. But there is still work. I’ve been traing for 7 years and I usually maintain a somewhat lean (9-11%bf) 200lbs. But those of you that wonder what I was eating, I’ll explain. My fiancee and her sister arrived from london england, and I Wanted to show them all the gastronomical wonders that North America has to offer. Buffets, Buffalo wings, Veal sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza, Poutine, Ribs, Roast Beef and Gravy, Mashed potatoes, chow mein, noodles, pasta, ceasar salads, beer, wine, regular pop… ect. It was like 21 cheat days in a row! Anyways, To motivate myself I am going to post two pictures in the photo forum soon… my regular shape and my current shape. And in a few months I am going to post a picture that I hope will make my regular photo look like my current photo… confused? I’m just saying that for once I want to be totally ripped and I’m going to pull out all the stops to acheive it by summer!

Thanks for being such a good sport! At least it’s not as bad as you thought it would be. I actually think you could have gained some muscle mass, considering a lot of what you did eat was meat, and assuming you probably worked out prior to them comin over to visit you. Where abouts in London were they from? I have relatives there too.