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Packed Schedule Program..?

Hey guys,

Been two months or so since I was really training good and hard, had to stop for recovery from a surgery, but I’m all healed up now and am rarin’ to go, but here’s the deal - I’m working 12-14 hrs a day, 4-5 days a week, so it’s really tough for me to work out a program that’ll accomodate my hellish schedule. My goals are fairly simple - 210, 10% bf in a year. Right now I’m 200, 18-20%(?) BF. Aside from looking better, I want to be faster, stronger, and have more endurance. (I fight in the SCA, or rather, plan on returning to fight in the SCA once things have settled down work-wise)

So here’s the program I’m thinking (still fairly loose):


Moderate lifing day. Work whole body, at LEAST 5 exersizes, not including abdominal and stabilizing muscle exersizes. Planning at least two hours’ time for this. DO NOT work to failure, use somewhere along the lines of 55% of 5RM for 8-10 reps, 3 sets. Simple stuff, tough but not insane.


Climbing and cardio day. Go for a run (or practice fighting) in the morning, rock climb in the afternoon. Soak in sauna. Go home, collapse.

INTENSE AM pre-work (monday I only work 8 hrs instead of the usual 12-14) workout. Plan day similar to Saturday, but with 65% of 5RM for 6-8 reps, 3 sets.

Thursday night:

Pull ups, push ups and sit ups before bed.

…repeat, changing exersizes every 3 weeks. Exersizes will be selected to work complimentary muscle groups, and my progression from one grouping to another will depend on how srong my stabilizing muscles are getting. Previous issues with me have been back problems, so I’m concentrating heavily on my lower abdominals, to really strengthen and stabilize my trunk in preparation for things to come like shoulder presses. I’ll probably start with incline presses and bent over rows along with bodyweight one leg squats and leg curls or something.

Any ideas on how to make this better? Should I make SATURDAY my intense day and MONDAY my moderate day? I’m trying to wipe myself out pretty hard so I take all week to recover and be ready to rock again on the next Saturday, but I need to be able to function in my daily life too. :slight_smile:

Without further ado, I’ll let you guys rip it to shreds.

Thanks in advance,

Bro my personal opinion. I wouldnt waste that one open day you have doing a half assed workout uding 50% or 5 rm thats NO weight at all. Id hit it HARD this day then use the other days you dont have much time to do the lighter stuff.

Maybe switch the sat and sunday so the brutal session doesnt hurt the rock climbing fighting then sunday go balls to the wallas and heal up during the week.

Thats my take anyhopw depending on the nature of your work, dont know if its physical etc.


OK, I wrote that in the middle of the night, and made a pretty crucial error. When I said “55% of 5RM” and “65% of 5RM” I meant 1RM.

So, the “moderate” day isn’t exactly an EASY day…

I was thinking that a moderate day before a day of climbing and/or fighting would be a good way to help train my endurance and prevent my muscles from getting all knotted up by doing something relativley less strenuous and allowing myself to heal a smidge before beating the crap outta myself on monday.

The thing is, on most days of the week, I barely have enough time to SLEEP let alone work out.

Hmm, it was just suggested to me by a good (and knowledgable) friend to START with the most intense workout, because cumulative neural fatigue could prevent me from having as intense of a workout as I want to have on Monday. So I’m going to swap Saturday and Monday for sure. He also suggested going with 3 or 4 “bang for buck” exersizes, and varying them slightly from Saturday to Monday. EG, Saturday do incline press for 3 sets of 6-8 w/65% of 1RM, and on Monday do bench press for 3 sets of 8-10 w/55% of 1RM. I think I’ll probably start off with deadlifts and overhead squats on alternate days, weighted pullups and chin-ups on alt days, and incline/flat benchpress on alternate days. Then maybe I’ll switch to bent over rows, dips, front squats, etc.

That is a tough schedule ,good luck

[quote]pittbulll wrote:
That is a tough schedule ,good luck[/quote]

Thanks, I’m gonna need it… but then again, I’ll have all week to recover! :smiley: