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Packed Lunch Ideas for Work

I need some suggestions for food to eat at work, but since I'm at work, I can't cook a steak or anything like that. Looking for high proteins, high fats and low carbs. I eat nuts for snacks in between meals, so I don't really want that for lunch as well!

Any suggestions?


Boiled eggs, fruit, home made protein baRS, jerky, protein shake, cans of tuna.


I take steak and chicken in my cooler everyday. I precook the steak freeze it and by lunch it is thawed mostly. I drive alot so to heat it up or thaw it the sest of the way I put it on the defrost on my ca. LMAO! but it works. I take cheese and boiled eggs also.



You can surely take a shaker cup.

Chicken's not bad when it's cold, cook it up and chop that shit up.

You could even make a pretty good salad with it.


cooked pumpkin, chicken in a salad with nuts, sultanas and cheese. my mate got me onto it and its delicious but has a long prep time, preferably prepare the night before :slight_smile: even add a couple of boiled eggs in there

x2 protein shakes


Ended up buying one of those buckets (not sure what else you'd call it) of hot and spicy chicken thighs from Marks and Spencer (UK). No idea how good they are for me; I've posted the nutritional content below - seems okay, though 30% of the fat is saturated, dunno how bad ~33g saturated fat is.

Calories: 1600
Protein: 148.5g
Fat: 98.6
Carbs: 30.72

Other than that I just drank shakes, ate more nuts, protein bars, and an apple. I need to find stuff that fills me up, which hasn't got loads of carbs.

Boiled eggs are a good idea, I'll probably take some in on Friday. Not sure if I'm at the stage where I want to take a cooler full of steaks into work though, lol. How are they cold anyway?


Steak salad with an olive oil dresses and some cheese is a pretty good standby.


i don't really like protein shakes except peri-workout. they are fast absorbing and so i crash afterwards

two food options that are working well for me

  1. 3/4 cup cottage cheese = 20g protein
    stick in some broccoli or apple or baby carrot sticks

  2. mozzarella cheese travels well too. i slice up 3-4oz to get another 20g protein snack with some fruit, or veggie like sliced red pepper, green beans, or winter squash.

pyrex makes some convenient little round glass containers to pack up some stuff for preplanning.