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Packaging Signs of Quality HGH?


what are some packaging signs i should look for when trying to find a reputable source for growth?


the vials should be vacuum sealed..


I don't know why but that made me laugh


probably because I didn't articulate it very well.. basically, when you go to put BAC water into the vial.. the pressure placed in the vial by the vacuum should suck the water through..

that's what I meant by vacuum sealed. the stopper should be visibly "sucked inward"


That being said make sure you hold your plunger tight becuase once you break through the rubber it will spray your powder and buble up thats not good on your HGH. You want to slowly let the water drain down the side of the vial and rotate the vial untill its all dissolved. Kind of like pouring a beer so you dont get foam


IIRC, HGH is not nearly as fragile as was once believed.. I still use that method tho..


His shit makes me laugh all the time. It's all matter of fact to him but I feel like I'm peering in on some scientist's guinea pig convention, with everything I learn here.

I've experimented myself and can say it's been a growing experience, and I don't just mean the tadalafil.