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Package Seized Hypothetically

Does anyone know what happens when your package gets seized. How long it takes to get a letter. What to do when you get a letter? Just some advice in a hypothetical situation

The recipient should expect to receive a letter in about 60 days from the postmaster informing them of an issue with a package addressed to them. The letter may suggest that if the recipient feels that an error has been made they could contact the postmaster.

My advice? Hypothetically? A person should ignore the letter and find a domestic supplier.

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Don’t follow up on seizure notices, that’s how you get caught, if you brought the gear using a fake name, don’t sign the seizure letter, if they come to check on you say you never ordered anything, if you were using proper protocals (encrypted browser, VPN etc) then they can’t pin it on you. I’m currently apparently browsing from America. This is why one should order domestic, gives piece of mind as the chances of getting caught are extremely extremely extremely slim. As a matter of fact, I know sources (can’t give names) in my country that have been running for upwards of a year and haven’t had a single seizure! Domestic may be more expensive… and not pharma grade, but I wouldn’t risk a jail sentence for some gear.

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Don’t follow up with them. Some sources, I will not state names, will send you another package if your gear is seized. You’ll have to provide proof of your purchase and a picture of your letter from customs. But DON’T follow up. They didn’t seize it because it is filled with Girl Scout cookies lol. You can look at it as a trap to catch you.

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