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Pack Lunches

Hey guys,
I work on a farm in the summertime and bring a lunch in with me. I usually just take in a big sandwich and some fruit or something, but I often feel like this is a poor option that doesn’t deliver enough calories or nutrition to support weight lifting on top of the physical work that I perform there.

I have recently gotten back into lifting again and I plan to keep adding mass all summer, but I am worried about taking in enough food while I’m working. Does anybody have any good ideas for some good lunches that deliver big nutrition?

ziplock bag full of nuts
a shaker with a few ziplocked servings inside it
Sandwiches with plenty of butter and mayo
Peanut butter sandwichs

all this as one lunch or a few meals during ur work. i assume ur work is going to more than a 4 hour shift so ur going to need a few meals not just one.

Well I’m almost 210 and growing packing this lunch for a 9-10 hour shift:

Banana, apple, raisins, carrots/peppers/broccoli, trail mix, nuts, protein shakes, protein bars, sandwiches (turkey/chicken + whatever toppings you want), jerky, avocado…

Of course you can pack more than 1 of anything I listed. And of course eat a large/quality breakfast before you head out

Just buy yourself a big cooler and fill it with as much food as possible. Its better to have to put stuff back in the fridge at home than starve on the jobsite.

Thanks for all the suggestion so far guy. Keep em rollin

Tuna in foil packets are good if you don’t have refrigeration.

rice pudding