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Pacific Northwest Pack/Cell

Okay, I’m just trying to get things straight in my head. Who’s all in the Pac NW? Brider is in the Seattle area, Ko & Patricia are in Portland (along with someone else I’m forgetting, damn!), and I’m in Corvallis. Anyone else I’m missing? Voice yourselves.

We should plan sometype of get together. But seein’ I’m in the beginning of “precontest” I won’t be able to partake of any beer or major eating. Bummer. Like, REALLY big bummer. I’ll just have to watch everyone else eat and drink and be merry. I’ll just be merry. Bummer.

I’m in Portland… well, technically Milwaukie.

Hey fellow Pac NWers, let me introduce myself…I’m a newbie poster (been a TC fan since the original MM2K days). Born and raised here in the Northwest, although I’ve lived in Phoenix, New York, Tennessee, Chicago, and Maryland. I don’t know if there are any guidelines to being a cell member (like the Dog Pound) so I may not qualify yet. But I am a member of T-Nation, and you will be seeing more of me on these here boards. So for future reference, I live the the Tri-Cities, Washington area. Nice to meet y’all!

I’m in Seattle, dude.

Yup, in Auburn, about half an hour south of Seattle.

Patricia, I would think for you a get together like that where you can’t drink beer would be the most heinous of tortures…

mamann – I used to bike race in Tri-Cities about 4 times a year. Horse Heaven Hills (out of the Benton firestation) and a few business park criteriums. My impression was that it’s always windy there.

Chris – you anywhere near that airplane crash yesterday?

Anyway, there used to be a couple of other regulars that posted here, one of them was a security guard/cop, as I remember. Trying to remember the handle, though, through all the cobwebs.

Yeah, sometimes the wind does seem to blow alot, but mostly in the spring and fall. Ever done the STP?

I’m here too… just North of Portland in Vancouver.

I live in NW Portland and I go to one of the gyms that Patricia and Ko go to although I’ve yet to run into them. Chris Merrow what gym do you go to now?

How “north” do you want to go in the Northwest? Vancouver, BC here.

Done STP twice. '88 and '91. Finished the second one within 5 minutes time of the first one. Don’t really want to do another one. It’s a different type of ride than what I like. I don’t mind riding long, but the “touring” mindset of these events just doesn’t do much for me. I’ve done RAMROD 3 times, with a best of 8:20, and though it’s a similar type of event, the atmosphere is very different. The type of events I prefer, however, are the shorter (like 60 miles or less) races where speed and tactics come into the mix.

I am a Portland native. I’m currently living in NW Portland. I’ve been following T-Mag religiously since issue #8. You probably don’t recognize my name because I more of a “lurker”, gleaning info from the forums.

Within 5 minutes of the first one…that’s consistency! Was that the one day race? From as much as it sounds like you ride, probably so.

Yup. One day option. Long day in the saddle. My training for the first one included a lot of solo rides in the 120+ mile neighborhood. The second one, I had been racing a couple years and figured the speed would make up for a lack of distance work. My longest ride going inot that one was 80 miles or so. I was 5 minutes faster. I figured I would have been A LOT faster, but my rear delts locked up with about 50 miles to go, and I was having trouble even reaching my brakes. As of now, I haven’t been consistently riding for about 3 years (as in I logged about 100 total miles last year). I’ll get back in the ring soon, though.

I do agree something needs to be done as a group. When is your competition? Beginning of April, if I remember correctly…?

Tri-Cities, 'eh? Funny thing… I’m from Hermiston. In fact, I’m there right now visiting home for the weekend from school.


I’m located just south of Tacoma, WA. in Yelm. Good to hear there are so many other like-minded individuals in the region. Lord knows there aren’t any where i’ve been working out.

I’m from Portland (well, Beaverton). As I am only 16 I guess I’m only a developing T-Magger. Glad to see there are others out here though.

Kirkland WA, ya bastards