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Pacemaker - Exercises?


Just thought of a really good question.

My father got a pacemaker a short while ago. The are wires running from the heart up his chest up to his neck.

He is not supposed to lift anything heavy with his right arm. I think he may not be allowed to lift his arm above shoulder height also.

Any old guys here who train with a pacemaker? What do you do?

I could get him to squat all day long.... :slightly_smiling:


How long ago is "a short while"? After recovery, your father should be able to resume or initiate a training program. In fact, I've seen a masters level bodybuilder with a pacemaker , and he's in great shape.


Dude you need to find him a good PT. Asking for advice on the web is going to put your old man in a box.



Ive had a pacemaker difibulator implanted in me since i was 25.

The wires are snaked through my lungs and into the heart.
My Docs were worried about impact to that area.

I do Kenpo, and lift.
No problems with lifting, but i shouldnt punch so hard with the left, and i have to cushion my falls more on the left side during takedowns.

The danger is that the wire will rupture stuff on the inside.

I think the Doc is more concern with impact/trauma than lifting with concern to internal ruptures.

Id the Doc to specify the reason for the caution about lifting on the left side.

No cardiologist reccomends lifting, so this reccomendation may be for another reason.


Chill, dude! I'm not going to challenge the old man to a bench press comp.

Short while is somwhere around 3 months.

I was just curious with others experiences.