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I posted this in my dorms as a public service announcement. It didn’t stay up 10 minutes. Seems no one has a sense of humor these days:

You see my friends, to a man, sex is a lot like playing Pac-man. I really like Pac-man. No matter, my point is that Pac-man is a lot like sex. The ghosts are the obstacles in a man?s life. All the little pellets are like masturbating and the power pellets are like actually having sex.

Pac-man has one goal in mind: to clear the maze. It isn?t to eat the power pellets, it?s merely to clear the maze and get as high a score as possible. Pac-man can run around all day and eat the pellets in the maze. He is still making forward progress and accomplishing the mission of clearing the maze and racking up points.
To clear the maze however, Pac-man must eat the power pellets. If he doesn?t ever eat a power pellet he finds himself going nowhere. After all the pellets are eaten, Pac-man finds himself running from the ghosts, just barely able to stay alive.
But eventually, even the worst Pac-man player gets that power pellet. Look at what happens next. He is unstoppable. Not only do the ghosts, the obstacles in his life no longer pose a threat, they actually run and quake in fear of the all-mighty Pac-man. Now ladies, can you imagine what would happen if Pac-man had a few more power pellets thrown in every maze?


Lol! That is some funny shit.
I guess if you look at it, it works. T levels are supposed to raise after sex.

nice analogy

I know there’s 4 0f the power pellets ans say over a hundred of the small ones, so is the sex to wack off ratio 25 to 1?

The ratio is wrong, and that is the point of the post/article. Some guys need help to balance out the ratio. Or some guys need to quit whacking off as much…

Hell, I wish it were that good! Good god that is weak.


What about Ms. Pac-man?

Dan “I prefer Galaga” McVicker