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PA Powerlifting/Strongman Gyms


Hello everyone, I'm looking for a powerlifting/strongman gyms in south-east PA. I tried google and found nothing, so if anyone can help it would be great. Thanks


Nazareth Barbell is about halfway between Philly and Scranton if that helps.


I don't know my PA geography that well but Ryan Celli's fitness center is in PA, here is a link, it supposed to be pretty sweet and that guy is my hero when it comes to lifting.



Hey fellas thanks a lot both places sound great, unfortunately I live to far away from both. Thanks though guys


Gene Rychlak's gym is in Allentown, plus there is a private gym in Rising Sun, Maryland (just over the border from Oxford, PA) run by a guy named Marty Nickel.

He runs a website called Liftism. If you're interested just head over to the site and send him a message - his screen name is Pennsylvania Pittbull. Another option if you're near Philly is Ironsport Gym in Glenolden. A couple of very strong USAPL guys lift there.

Hope this helps.


IDK of any off the top of my head, but I do think Bauer owns a gym in PA. Again, I'm not sure, but it's worth a PM to see if he's near you. I'd imagine he's got a good setup.

Plus, he may know of some other good gyms near you.


Thanks I will definaly look into the one near rising sun, as that is not too far away.

Hey RR is Bauer's screen name that same as you spelled it or are there numbers with it? Thanks




I think it's bauer97. It's been a while since the big dumb animal has posted around here.





Where do you live in PA?


Thanks again guys. Sroe you have a PM from you.