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P90X - The New Crossfit


I feel like this is spreading faster than a wildfire. I hear more and more people starting this every day. Even a bunch of girls I know are doing it.

Although I respect these people for taking the initiative to get themselves in better shape, but what's the attraction of this program? Is it the fancy website or the website URL (beachbody.com)? The slogan: "Get absolutely ripped in just 90 days with P90X"? Maybe the fact that it can be done at home?

I had lunch with a friend who was a few weeks into the program. I told him what I was doing (Big Beyond Belief by Leo Costa) and showed him the website. He laughed at the website's bare bones design and even moreso at the program name. "Do you really want to get big?" he asked. "Fuck yea!" I replied.

What gives? What do these people plan on doing after the program? If they're doing it because it doesn't require a gym membership, are they just going to continue doing P90X? If it's tough enough, I doubt it. Maybe I'm just fazed because I consider weightlifting as essential as eating, sleeping, or taking a shit.

On a positive note, if the ladies stick to the plan, there will be many more fine bodies around, and I can't complain about that.

(Note: I made the Crossfit comparison because it became popular very quickly. Let's not turn this thread into a "Does Crossfit work?" thread. We already have one of those.)

EDIT: Link to Crossfit's site: http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do


I don't know what this is, but I agree with the above comment.




P90X works, that would be the best reason. All one needs is a chin-up bar and some dumbbells. The only time it gets easy is when you stop pushing. For anyone not trying to put on mass but wanting to take it to the next level this program will do the trick. One thing it is not and that is boring, they work on the muscle confusion theory.

I hope it continues to spread like wildfire. The world needs a health strong population. I've done the program and it is worth doing and anytime I'm not close to a gym I will be using it. It's great for keeping you at your level of fitness when you're traveling or on an extended holiday. You can get one cheap on E-bay, worth the money.


The OP sounds like an AD for P90X as opposed to a question/critique...


Just like crossfit, for average people its a great idea if they want to get in shape. Now if someone comes on the board asking how huge they are gonna get using it, then feel free to flame away.



You have to realize not everyone's goal is to have big muscles. As Mikey said, if someone comes on here and ask how P90X will make them look like Brad Pitt, tear them apart. If your buddy wants to look good naked, let him do it and quit bitching.


Nice shotty, is that the Mossberg P90X this thread was started for? =)


P90x is for brainless people who like to watch tv with some dork telling them what to do. If it can help you attain your goals, then good for you.


Does it say "Yes i love penis" as the last comment?


I think in most cases ignorant would be a more appropriate term for those people, at least as far as exercise is concerned. As much as we cringe at commercials for things such as the perfect pushup, or pullup or ab wheel... is it not good that people are actually once again doing pushups, pullups, and ab rollouts?


It IS a lot like crossfit. It makes ladies sexy as hell and makes dudes small as hell.

I don't know why girls don't want to go to the gym but a lot of them just don't.

My girlfriend and a ton of her friends are doing it, as much as I know better it's a lot better than them doing nothing.


I just started P90x 3 weeks ago. I do it at the gym actually, I have videos on my ipod, but I only listen to them to keep up with pace and to have Tony yell in my ear to push for that extra rep. It's like a free personal trainer. The program is structured so I feel bad for missing a day. Basically, it works for me so far because it gets me to the gym and won't let me slack off. My concern is....well what's next? What am I going to do after 90 days?


My employee is currently doing it. He has definitely slimmed down some. I think it' a pretty remarkable program: it incorporates tons of pull ups, push ups, a hard as hell ab program, yoga, kickboxing, stretching, diet, etc.

It definitely gets you into shape. I think it's great. Personally, I already incorporate a ton of pull ups, sprint workouts, lifting, heavy ab work, so I don't want to do it for now.


My friend completed it. Got in pretty good shape actually. Obviously I laugh at him and give him shit for it, in a locker room joke kind of way. He had no intention of "getting big". It worked perfectly for his goals. It's actually pretty challenging and not completely boring. It's a good program for the general population.


Crossfit :wink:


My parents did this program at the start of the year and saw great results. I started it with them since I was away from my college gym, but due to a knee injury I wasn't able to keep it up. That first week I could hardly walk, the plyo was killer.

I think it's a great program as long as people stick with it. No, it's not going to pack on muscle, but for people wanting to improve their appearance and conditioning it's the way to go.


I'm gonna have to agree with all of you. I suppose this would be similar to me playing a sport recreationally with no intention of practicing different skills to become extremely good at the sport. But I'm still curious as to how it got so popular so fast. Isn't P90X just aerobic training with some weights?

I may have added that bit in :slight_smile:


And some interpretive dance, I believe. It got popular just like any other fad; aerobics, jazzercize, spin classes, tae-bo, Richard Simmons (joke). It's just a bit surprising that it actually works for a good percentage of the people that put in the effort. Not surprising that it works, surprising that it works for so many people. Which tells me that it must be enjoyable to do.


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one of my goals is to complete a cycle of this program. i mainly look at it as a stepping stone to better athleticism, to achieve a sense of accomplishment and endurance level measurment. i know its not for size but i can see it as a good maintainance and or plateau breaker. Just to change things up from time to time.