P90x Style Athletic Training

ok so I have been doing superhero training program for 2 months.have been bulking since august and have started slowly tapering down calories.

I am a surfer and my surfing is suffering, I am heavier and not as mobile/agile as I used to be.

Im wondering about doing p90x, I have about 200kg worth of dumbells at home.I will be using weighted vest for push ups and pull ups. so basicly will be still lifting heavy but more of a circuit style.

Any advice on this? greatly appreciated

I’ve done p90x twice (actually I just finished a cycle a few weeks ago, and am still incorporating it into my program with a little more variety now). IMO, it’s going to help with agility, flexibility, conditioning, and overall athleticism, especially if you don’t do a lot of cardio. Your chinups will go through the roof, and i think you might be surprised with how much your chest gets out of the pushups. For surfing, I think it would really do wonders for you. I’d drop kenpo x for something more exciting (surfing maybe?) and maybe add some variety for abs other than ab ripper x (though it is a good workout…if you surf you might find it easy).

hey man thanks. yeah i am doing a swiss ball ab workout on monday & friday. helps with core and balance. will be swimming in pool on saturdays if not surfing.
last time i did p90x i was banging out pullups with 10kg vest. am back to beggining now so slowly easing in