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P90X or Something Else for Fat Loss?


Hi, last week on Monday 17th I started P90X. I must say with their food plan I seriously bonked but I finished the workouts(took me a lot longer). Missed the Ab Ripper sessions due to lack on energy. I have not noticed any weight loss.

Should I change things up in the diet ? Also I am having really weird mood swings... I am not sure what is going on, I was thinking of going to the doctor and getting my testosterone levels checked.

My goal is to shed off the fat, I am really getting frustrated with that fat in the mid section. I am "feeling" some results in the mirror but I wish I was feeling psychologically better, the mood and negative energy is really making me upset.

Can someone please tell me how does the doctor test the Testosterone levels in the clinic ?


Your diet is going to be a huge factor in fat loss. Post it up?


Hey moeeed,
I'm not familiar with the p90x program, or it's suggested diet.
I believe that it is a bodyweight based system? Anyhow, no matter. Although I'm a typical stalwart of actual weightlifting- squats and deadlifts, I won't turn this into a preaching session.

If weight loss is your goal, yes, you should change up the diet. Diet will be the number one determining factor for fat loss.

I don't personally have a huge knowledge on diet, and without knowing your particular situation it is impossible to give any sort of specific advice. However there are many great articles here on the site regarding diet so I suggest that if you haven't already, then start reading them.

I would also suggest that you post up you height, weight, bf% and current diet, this will allow guys more knowlegable to comment more specifically on your situation.

Hope this helps.


Dieting sucks, man. The low energy and mood swings are caused by the diet. But you have to understand that and keep yourself in check. Stick with it and you'll see results.

If the diet is too much of a strain on you, bump up the calories little by little to a tolerable level, but keep eating clean. Once you have the energy to complete the entire workout, that's where your calories need to be. When the workout starts getting easier for you, slowly decrease the calories again.

You're not going to see massive progress in one week! This is a lifelong undertaking. If you are going to give up after a week of not seeing progress, this isn't for you. If you're going to revert back to your old ways once you lose 30lbs, save yourself some time and just stop now.

The most important thing is commitment. Stick with it. Once you start seeing results, it'll get easier.


how do you 'feel' changes in the mirror?


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Dude, you will not notice much at all in like 7 days of working out lol, ESPECIALLY if your skipping the ab workout and diet. Diet is like 80% of fat loss. Do the diet and ab work with the p90x and then post again in 3 months when your done then tell us how it went.


"Is P-90X HAARD? I mean, what do you think is hard? If you think getting up from a chair is hard, then yes, P-90X is hard"

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To the OP, I'm not sure if you expected p-90X to work in a week. I'm sure it works for fat loss, so just keep chuggin. Post your diet plan, so maybe someone on here can tweak it. I mean, if your eating fast food and shit all day, while doing what is essentially P-45X , what do you expect?


Weight: 225 lb(25% body fat)

according to P90X guide:


18 oz lean meats ( Chicken breast + veal kebabs on George Foreman grill).

Some days I eat:

a whole Wheat bun(180 calories) OR 2 pack of Quick Oats (220 calories)

An Apple or an orange. if I am hungry I eat more fruit.

1 glass of Skim Milk.

Also I would like to add, I was eating A LOT ... A LOT of Veggie Burgers until yesterday when I found out that SOY based protein significantly reduces your testosterone levels.


P90x will get you very lean, if you follow the program as is, you should have no problem getting as lean as you want. I think if Fat Loss with small muscle gain is the main goal, then go for P90X.


If you REALLY want a 90 transformation plan grab Waterbury's 10/10. Nix the P90X idea.


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okay can someone please advise me on a good diet plan. The P90x plan is really hurting me. I started the Chest and Back today and gave up after 10 minutes. I am not sure whats going on ?

I felt I had no energy..

how should I design my plan ?

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What about Tabatas?


I think Tabatas might be more effective. It's so much simpler.


what is that?




Is that per meal? or what you eat total?


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If you're energy levels are dipping, move from the fat shredder to the energy booster nutrition plan... or bump yourself up a level on the Fat Shredder.