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P90X Lands Dude in Hospital



Another rhabdomyolysis victim. However this time it was P90X and not Crossfit.


"Lombardi says he has ?always been an athlete? and that he didn?t wander recklessly into the program. Instead, he says he wanted to try P90X to help lose the 20 pounds he had gained while developing College Spun."

An athlete getting kidney failure from one day? yeeeaaahh..

I have a genetic kidney disease, you do not suddenly have kidney failure within 24/48hours outside of a history of known kidney problems unless you do something extremely drastic such as drugs or anything that would adversely affect renal activity.

The guy definitely had renal issues before he undertook this.


Don't all fitness programs have a disclaimer saying you should get a physicians approval before attempting?


It's a publicity stunt.


Fucking crossfit......

there are several cases of athletes getting it, a few in track. came out, started running, breakdown occurs, heart attack.

Slow eccentric pull ups in an untrained individual can cause it. Crossfit L1 certs warn against it pretty big.


He worked so hard that he wrote an article on his hospital bed to promote his website...




Some of the comments are pretty funny.
"P90X is bogus. I tried it. Every day for 3 months, I'd get home from work, put the DVD in the player and watch it for an hour. Nothing."


did he try throwing money at his screen?


Fckn lol!


I heard that how you do a proper bulk phase, watch a dvd every day after work


If you really want to bulk, put in Schindler's List/Grave Of The Fireflies every couple of days at 3:00 in the afternoon and have a big tub of cookie dough flavoured ice cream on standby. You have not seen bulking until that.


do you think it'd work if i subbed out the cookie dough for moose tracks ice cream? (that shit is crack in a tub)


mmmmmm. moose tracks.... they have a chocolate ice cream moose tracks IMO is better than the vanilla ice cream moose tracks. I think it is the peanut butter cups that make that ice cream crack.