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P90x and Starting Strength


the last couple of months were really damn frustrating. no i didnt try p90x and ss at the same time if thats what you thought. I started a while back doing SS and got frustrated reall fast because i wasnt gaining jack shit. i gained a little strength at first for like the first week and a half and that was it. i was putting 5 pounds on my squat every WEEK. and it not like i had been lifting for a long time. i was only squatting 170 for 5 reps (five deeep reps, but still)and feeling like a total pussy. i think there were a lot of reasons why this happend. i think mainly it was because my sleep went all to hell after like a month of school. For the last month ive been sleeping for about 3 or 4 hours at night and an hour or 2 after school. i have issues in that department. i was also just a bit over stressed i think. plus i decided to be an idiot (though i did get confused by what some people were saying that beginners should do) and add way too many exercises to the program instead just doing it how i was supposed to. but anyway enough ranting and whining

oh, also i havent been able to work out for like a month because i fucked up my shoulder grappling
ok now im done for real

anyway. a friend of mine just gave me p90x because he wussed out of it. anyway i was thinking that i would do it as soon as i get back from christmas break. i think ill have enough money after christmas for a pullup bar and some more dumbells. it would be a lot better for me schedule-wise because i wouldnt have to spend the better part of an hour going to and from the gym. much easier and better for my sleep to workout at home. but i still want to lift heavy and get big in the long run, so my question is (drum roll please) is would doing p90x and then going back to SS when im done affect my gains? Will all that high volume stuff slow me down on the big lifts like squats and dead etc?


This is coming from a total beginner who has done this twice... (I gave up on it after busting up my knee and am back at it now).

Your lifts didn't go up as quickly as you'd like because you gave your body no reason for them to. No sleep (Need 8+), not eating enough (eat EVERYTHING) and then you added exercises (cardinal sin of SS... lol) plus stress.

P90X will not get you huge by any means. You'll drop bodyfat or put on weight dependent on how you eat, but nothing will replace lifting heavy. P90X will not slow down your gains, but it certainly won't be increasing anything. Nothing replaces time under the bar and enough recovery time.

You need to get your life in order then go about this correctly if you want to get big.

I decided it was time to do this right 5 weeks ago ago. I am up 15 lbs on SS, eating piles (paleo diet) and lifts are increasing. I expect to continue to gain until my goal of 225 no problem. Having issues with squat due to form, but working on it. IT IS POSSIBLE. Do the plan as prescribed, don't add shit, eat piles (4-5k cals+) and sleep!

And about your hour plus at the gym... isn't it worth that three hours a week sweating to make the body you want? It's becoming my favourite part of the week... I love going to the gym now; it's become habit.

Good luck


dude i love working out. and i dont care where i am or whether im alone or with a buddy. but im sick of spending almost an hour just GOING to and from the gym. thats a lot of time which could be better spent working out. Thats why i wanted to do P90x. No doubt it wont get me to my ultimate goals, but its better than nothing and it looks fun.

I think i;ll probably gain a bit of weight however because i dont plan on following the nutrition plan to a tee. see i just think it will greatly reduce my stress and increase my results if i can train at home. i can workout with my bed in sight, as well as the kitchen, so i have everything i need right there.

plus i'll have so much more time in general and there wont be anything stopping me from working out. its easy to get demotivated when you have to spend so much time just getting to the gym, especially when you might not even get to work out. I go to an MMA gym which has a weight room so that where i had been working out. The same gyms also runs this womens fitness bootcamp thing, and sometimes they steal equipment from the weight room, or steal the room itself and the room will be full of chubby women doing endless reps of lat pulldowns with like five or ten pounds, doin quarter squats with 60 pounds, or worse yet, doing the same in the smith machine. etc etc. so ill go there see this, get infuriated that i just wasted so much time, and then leave.


Oh shit, and hour to and from, man thats balls. ok I understand a bit better your issue with it now. When I go to the gym, I spend 2 mins to get there, 2 mins home.

Ok, I would do the P90X because at least you are working out. I'm sure you can build muscle eating right, but again, sleep, eat and eliminate stress!

My little sis has P90X and loves it, so give it a shot. Keep us updated.

All the best.

PS your gym is hilarious.


Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback and the support. Will probably start a log when i start p90x. it probably wont be until January though because i'll be out of town till then. yeah my gym is kinda wierd. I think I'll try finding a new one just for working out sometime in like mid 2011 hopefully by that time i'll have some more income. also thanks for not being a dick like a lot of people on these forums :slightly_smiling:


Everyone that i know that has followed p90x loved it and got great results. Never tried it though. Its not really for me.


If you go for P90x make sure to get it in .40 Cal.
Holds less rounds I know, but you can really make those count.
Plus the rail allows for the addition of a lot of tactical gimmicks, if you're into that.


find a closer gym and quit being a little bitch.

Why are you taking advice from someone that openly admits he didn't succeed and is just now starting again not to mention told you that P90X works because his little sister likes it. According to your hub you're 5'11" and weigh 159 lbs - yet you think a program that is synonymous with weight loss is a good decision?

What you need is to eat more, find a real gym closer to your house, and start lifting.




p90x is not 'working out'.

It is a conditioning program. Its meant to help people drop body fat and improve their cardivascular endurace. You absolutely will not get bigger (ie add muscle mass) unless you are so terribly out of shape that even standing up from a seated position is a physically demanding task that elicits an anabolic response.

if you want to add muscle mass you will have to lift weights. If you want to drop bodyfat and dont have the willpower to do it a more conventional way or simply prefer the style of activities in p90x, then do p90x.

If your long term goal is to get bigger I cant see any logical reason why someone would want to do a program that will cause weight loss if done properly.

You complain about travelling to the gym. What is going to change after you do p90x? Are you currently building a home gym that will allow you to lift heavy weights?

Obviously youre fishing for excuses to not lift weights. Find a real damn gym and accomplish something.

Theres a crazy amount of red flags in your post that are clear indications that you will never make progress. I hope you can get your head out of your ass and see that.

And guess what, in the real world, everyone has some stress to deal with. Learn to manage it and work around it. Caving it to it and making excuses is a nice route to no-progressville.


Okay look people. I know I wont gain weight with p90x but I think its the best way for me to train at home. I dont have time to go all the way to my gym everday and its primarily an MMA gym which is why i go there, not just for the weights. I dont have the money right now to go to another gym too. If you dont have anything good to say dont say it. If you have something constructive to say, dont be an asshole. I want to gain weight in the long run, but theres other shit going on in my life and im just doing what works for me. if you dont like it go fuck yourself. i just wanted a second opinion on how doing p90x would effect my progress with SS if i wanted to do it later when i could affor to go to another gym.


Then youre officially reatarded.

Do you think your body knows that youre doing "P90X". Does your body know that youre walking from your bedroom to your fridge or just that youre walking?? Do you understand what Im getting at there? Fuck. This is a ridiculous question and youre dumb a brick for asking it. I hope thats not too mean for your fragile psyche.

No you will not alter your genetics by doing P90x. Happy now?


Okay let me put it this way. When i read starting strength, it said basically that the reason it works so well for beginners is because it such a shock the the system when you havent been put under strenuous exertion or whatever before. it says that those who have been training for a while wont have the same dramatic progress that total beginners have. So what im asking is would this apply the kind of stuff in p90x (which seems to basically be tons of exercises of 8-10 reps for two muscle groups in each workout) or does that only apply that if youve been doing other programs with heavy lifting?


and by heavy lifting i meant big lifts like squats, deadlifts etc. and around 5 reps per set


P90x involves zero squatting or heavy lifting. You might even get a little rebound effect if you actually follow the diet. But, you said you wouldn't. If you want constructive criticism, here it is.

Stop saying your goal is to get bigger. It's not. If it was, you would be doing something about it and trying to get bigger. You're not. That's the bottom line. No excuses, nothing. If you want to get bigger, you will. If you don't, you won't. Since you aren't trying to do anything about it, its accurate to say you don't want it.

Getting big requires hard work and SACRIFICE. If you're not willing to do that, it's not for you. The best suggestion I can make is quit your gym that's an hour away (which isn't even that far) and instead of paying for that membership, buy a barbell and 4-500lbs of weight. Craigslist, play it again, wherever. It won't cost much. Do everything you can do with that barbell and the weight. When you get enough money, buy a rack and a bench, or just a bench and with squat stands. This will only cost you a few hundred dollars. If you aren't willing to do that, then you seriously have no integrity or right to complain.

Stop complaining when people call you out and tell it like it is. If you want someone to hug your nuts and tell you everything's going to be okay, call an escort service.


Assume you missed the part where I busted up my knee? Was tough to squat/deadlift/even walk. Nothing negative about SS. I'm back at it again and seeing awesome results. The 'little sister likes it' was a bit of a jab, but my response was sincere. I pointed out the issues and such without being a cock. (Altho I find that is not much of an issue on here... unlike some other sites) Because clearly this kid has some issues he needs to sort out before anything will work for him.

I do agree with the thought of buying some weights and saying 'fuck it' to the gym.


I tried doing p90x during a phase when I wasn't getting enough sleep and stressed at work. It's a 6 day a week program, and pretty intense in it's own hopping-around-in-your-living-room way. It was a recipe for major burnout for me.

And it definitely won't get you big. No no no.


you won't be able to do P90X. You will find it too hard and probbably end up quitting and/or injured. you will not be bigger or stronger. P90x is just cicuit training with a fancy label. best you can hope for is a bit leaner (maybe) and perhaps fitter. if you want to get bigger and stronger... progress in heavy lifts plus food and sleep as we all know.

if your so busy you can't find an hour to travel to and from the gym... well maybe this isn't for you. if it was easy everybody would be doing it.


Dear OP,

I was going to respond, giving my polite two cents about your p90x shit, and then I came across this^^^

Consider this an intervention. If you take yourself seriously, you will read this to the end, if you dont, and you cant take constructive criticism, then you can just be small forever, I couldnt give two shits. Its up to you from here...

You are a member of T-Nation now. Congratulations for finding the only place on the web that has people who are actually dedicated to getting fucking huge and helping others to finding their way to getting massive!

Just a word to the wise...Take that attitude shove it up your ass, and realize that people are trying to help you. Lift your ass off, eat like Kobiyashi, and sleep like youre in a coma. If you cant make it a priority to get fucking huge, then you will never be a big guy. If you dont want to get huge, then good luck to you I hope that you find your way.

Youre actually quite lucky...T-Nation of yesteryear would have ripped you apart mercilessly if you would have started posting when I found this site in 2006. I am no big guy myself, but the best advice I can give you, besides to fucking chill out and humble yourself so people take you seriously and help you, is to read Bricknyce's bodybuilding bible, which has been stickied in the bodybuilding forum, and pray that you are lucky enough to have some of the more experienced guys on here, who have been here for an eternity and are patient enough to suffer through guys like us pestering them for information, post in your threads. Also, check out the Brotherhood of Iron thread.

Remember...the posters at T-Nation are probably the most brutally honest motherfuckers on the web, and that means that you wont always get the answer that you want, but you will always get the answer that you need if you are patient and dedicated enough. Nobody on this site is going to sugarcoat anything.

Welcome to T-Nation,


And if you need motivation...Here it is. Its from a thread earlier this year called "It's Hard to be Intense?".

If that doesnt get you going, then nothing you will ever hear here will ever get through to you, because this, in my opinion, sums up pretty much everything T-Nation is about.