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P5P Side Effects? Am I Taking Too Much?

Hey all, I’m trying to read and research P5P sides and potential other effects it has. Still struggling to find the answer I’m looking for.

I started P5P 7 or 8 days ago. I’ve been taking 200mg in attempt to hopefully lower my prolactin a bit before starting next cycle. Taking 50mg 4x a Day split pretty evenly.

This entire week I feel weaker, my joints are achy, my legs did not recover all week after my workout on Monday (nothing new added to leg day, no dietary changes). I usually hit Legs Monday and again Friday, but I skipped Friday because I was that sore still from Monday.
The achy joints are annoying but not debilitating.

Is there any chance P5P could be lowering my E2? I cannot get bloods done for another 2 weeks, and trying to figure out if I should drop P5P to 100mg ED, or drop it entirely in the mean time.

Could be totally unrelated. However I was feeling great prior to use, zero recovery issues, or joint issues. So I’m at a loss of what else it could be.

Any information would be much appreciated.

While 200mg is considered a high doer of p5p it should not be causing joint issues. If anything it has the opposite effect reducing inflammation and raising energy levels.

Has anything else changed? Diet? Life stress? Sleep?

Strange, right? I’m at a loss.

No dietary changes at all, no changes in workouts, no sleep changes. I don’t drink often and drank for Independence Day, but these issues had been for a handful of days leading up to that, no noticeable difference from having 3-4 drinks that one night.

Could be totally random, unrelated, and just a pure coincidence. I did sprain my
ankle two weeks prior and missed 3 leg days (like I said, I do two a week, so missed 1.5 weeks of legs). They feel as though I worked them out for the first time ever though. And even push ups I feel my elbows and shoulders feeling a bit a achy.

Should I maybe stick out 200 for another week and see if it’s purely coincidence? Or maybe drop to 100-150?

Is there any chance P5P can lower E2? My baseline E2 has always been at the top end of the reference range. Only thing I can think is if it can lower E2 at all, that I’ve lowered it below my bodies norm? Hence the achy joints and minor fatigue.

I dont see how p5p could lower estrogen. And I dont think lowering prolactin can affect pre existing estrogen levels. But I could be wrong I just don’t see how.

Do you supplement fish oil? I have naturally shitty joints and I know that helps.

Lowering it wouldnt be a bad idea altho if you can maybe wait another week before lowering it to just know for sure it is the p5p.

No numbness or tingling of extremities?

No numbness or tingling at all. I take 3g of fish oil a day and have for quite some time. No changes there.

I’ll hang on for another week at 200 to see if it passes. I’m not miserable or having any real issues. Just minor discomfort and found it strange.

Truly appreciate your input as always man!

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Maybe make the next week a deload week in the gym aswell. I personally think deloading is dumb especially when using AAS but it might be a good idea to try in your situation.

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P5P feels like a stimulant to me. It makes me jittery and a too much caffeine like feeling. Sort of like I’m jacked up but want to go to sleep at the same time. I quit taking it. I didn’t read about any significant side effects either.

Sadly I get no real effects from caffeine, nor have I with this. I’ve been told my adhd causes caffeine to not have the same effects. I would be thrilled if it gave me any sense of more energy. It’s only been a week though, still early.

Until I found I was anemic and supplemented B12 & iron I too felt nothing from caffeine and had zero energy.

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