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P2P File Sharing


Can anyone suggest a File Sharing program, because limewire does'nt seem to work worth a shit on my PC, even with the firewall down, everyone else gets thousands of results i'm lucky to clear 200. So can anyone recommend another?


download utorrent www.utorrent.com

Torrent sharing is an underground culture. You can get literally ANYTHING provided it's current enough. Older movies and programs are sometimes hard to find.

You will probably need Winrar too which can be downloaded from www.download.com

Feel free to PM me if you have trouble figuring it out, but look for the search function in the upper right hand corner before you PM me. It's trial by fire with torrent folks, they don't like to help out newbies for some reason, but I've figured out enough to download what I need.


A buddy of a buddy that knows a buddy's buddy's cousin's buddy uses this:


Have fun,


I second the use of torrents. It may seem complicated at first, but it's really not hard to use and, like the other poster said, you can find damn near anything relatively new.

Start here:

PM me with any questions.



Not necessarily "peer-to-peer" in the literal sense of the word but you can get ANYTHING and damn fast.

I downloaded 7 xbox games in a day using it...you do have to pay for it though but it's well worth it, especially if you have broadband.


If you can find a good network DC++ is the way to go. Otherwise, I would recommend you go torrent.

At least thats what I have "heard".


Amen... Especially if they are enforcing quality standards. :wink:





I usually go to these sites and download the files with Azureus.

Do a search on google for Azureus

PM me if you want more info.



""I downloaded 7 xbox games in a day using it...you do have to pay for it though but it's well worth it, especially if you have broadband.""

Actually, although I've never used it, Verizon does offer usenet access for free. You have to call them and request it though.


search for "ARES"


Back then, Shareaza showed multi-platform promise. I have no idea how it is today.


Yeah I know, RoadRunner has a free one too. The thing about it is the retention rate is so bad if you don't download something right after it's posted you're fresh out of luck.

I think it was only like $15\month anyway. And I sure as hell got my money's worth that month too (~120GB to be exact).


If you want just songs, not whole albums, Shareaza is the way to go (IMHO)

For files (whole albums, movies, games, tv shows, software, etc) less than 2 months old, bittorrent; I use to use Azerus, but I'm begining to like uTorrent.
For files, use those above, but my favourite is http://www.isohunt.com

For older files, eMule.

Why would you pay for usenet stuff when you can get the rest of it for free?

I hear IRC is alright too, haven't used it tho. Anyone have any experiences?

care to reccomend one? and a good client?


My mates Dog uses



He says its very good, pretty quick, no spyware or other crap just no-nonsense p2p. Woof.


Oh, for an overview & guides for all P2P, look here:



1) I ALWAYS get the maximum speed as stated by my ISP (~500kbps).

2) I don't have to worry about someone cutting me off mid-download.

3) EVERYTHING is on usenet.

4) Almost all releases (Music, Movies, Games, Software, etc.) are released on usenet first, leaving the rest of the "filesharing" population to duke it out in the queues.

5) From my experience it is almost impossible or takes a substantial amount of time to download any file(s) of significant size, i.e. anything greater than 700mb, using conventional filesharing programs.

6) I can rest assured if something happens to my download for whatever reason, a) the file(s) will be there for a substantial amount of time for me to download, and b) if the file is damaged\corrupt, more often than not someone posted .par files, so I can recover\repair the file.

If you're just downloading some mp3s or something then just use whatever was mentioned. If you want some serious shit, like full DVD movies, games, software, TV shows, etc. then usenet is the way to go...

/end rant

P.S. I have a feeling some law enforcement agency is going to be paying me a visit VERY soon...