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P220 Sig- Anyone Have One?


I was thinking of purchasing a new pistol, and am leaning towards a p220 Sig. Anyone have any experience with this weapon? How's the reliability, accuracy, quality out of the box? Any help would be much appreciated.


A) it's a sig
b) It's a sig

You can not go wrong with a sig. I've shot one at the range a few times, amazing trigger pull and really good feel.


Does it have the heft of a 1911? I hate Glocks, the reason being they're too light for me personally, and shooting a large caliber I want a pistol with some weight, for recoil etc.


It's not a 1911, if you want a 1911 get a kimber. I'm like you, not a fan of glocks, and I very much enjoyed shooting the p220.

Have you gone to the store yet to hold one?


They're all metal and definitely heavier than a Glock.

I have the all stainless Sig P220 in .45ACP and love it. The weight balance, trigger, and sights just feel right to me. One downside, at least for mine, is it won't cycle aluminum cased ammo well at all. The used cases get stuck in the chamber, probably due to the tighter tolerances. Brass cased ammo works perfectly.


I have shot a 226 (.40 S&W), never a 220. I liked it, but the price wasn't right. Now I've been shopping around for another 1911, but the prices are pretty much the same as 220s where I'm looking/Springfield Armory is always short of 1911s, so I figured why wait to get a 1911 when I can pick up a 220 immediately.


The problem I'm having is I can buy as many guns as I want, that's no issue. It's getting ammo for the gun. Getting 9mm or .45 is like winning the lottery unless I want to target shoot with hallow points.


Where do you live? Walmart's only redeeming factor is I can buy Remington ammo AND steak st the same time.


sigs are nice but expensive as HOLYMOLY.

are you buying the pistol for homedefense/carry/fun ?


St.Louis. There's about 10 walmarts "around" me, they all are out of 9mm and 45 ammo. I've talked about it with some gun friends, all of us are having the same issue. Supposedly it's a rather nation wide thing.


Mac: target/fun/possibly CCW later on. $750 is a good chunk, but resale value will be high, hell I'd probably keep it forever since it sounds so reliable.

Mitchellh: Yea my buddy in Maryland said something similar. Primer production down or some shit. That's why i'm gonna get a reloader eventually and just make ammo on the weekends.


I have a two-tone P220 SAS and love it.

If cost is an issue look at Sig certified pre-owneds. They go back into the factory and are refit with new parts as they need it...or in some cases, like on mine, Sig has extra parts lying around the factory and assembles an all new pistol then sells it as CPO.


I carry the P220 equinox on duty. IMO, its a GREAT gun. Few guns shoot better out of the box. I used to carry the P226, but after seeing first hand the impact (or lack thereof) a 9mm has on someone, I decided to go to the .45 caliber.

The all stainless p220 is badass too, if you can find one its worth trying.

Additionally, $750 for a new p220 is a fantastic deal. I paid 850 and that was with a 100 dollar rebate.


thanks for all the input guys! im probably gonna place my order this weekend, I'll post pix of some groups when I wring it out for the first time.


What do you guys mean when you say, "Out of the box?"




I'd avoid Kimbers like the plague. Get a Springfield armory. for example, I bought a new SIS and the safety broke off after 5 boxes exactly of 230 gr hard ball. Kimber uses MIM, metal injection molding for it's parts.,

A lot of guys think that it leads to weaker parts, lik me. Safeties shouldn't break after 250 shots.

I don't like Sigs because of the DA/SA trigger. the ehavy DA pull screws me up. they are well made and super reliable, but I'll take a 1911, SA XD, or a Glock anyday over a Sig.


Sig P220 is on my short list along with a Kimber. The only problem I have the Sig is the size, they're too wide for me to carry comfortably which puts it at the back of the short list. They fit my had great (6'2" 220lbs) just the width of the frame makes it hard to hide and my stance is if I can't carry it I can't have it.(for now)


Again stay away from Kimbers. not just because of my bad experience. I know a few high end gun type of guys that hate them because of mechanical issues.

Kevin McClung of Mad Dog knives fame is one. He was an ex rocket scientist that got into knife making. He's one hell of a gunsmith and basically a genius. He hates them.

Nighthawk is another to avoid like the plague. A guy at tactical Forums paid 3000$ for a gun that basically did not work at all.


Springfield Armory is the only other 1911 I'd ever consider buying. It's a tractor, no need to get one with AC and chrome wheels, you know what I mean?