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P22 Taper PCT



I am very skeptical of the whole taper method, but I have embarked on a taper following my last 10 week cycle, because I think if it works like I have read, then it would be optimum solution. I am in week 3 of the 100 mg of Test (using cyp). I have pre-loaded my taper, w/ 4 100 MG once per week (I don't think I need 6 weeks since the primo was ran for 3 weeks), 2 75MG, 2, 50 MG and 2 25 MG in insulin pins for proper measurement. Using Clomid,Proviron and .5 of dostinex (2X a week) during the 1st 4 weeks and tapering all that after I finish the 100 mg.

My cycle was Sus/Deca/Mast for 4 weeks, then Tren A/Prop/Mast for 4 weeks/ followed by Primo at the end. I did use 250 ius of HCG EOD during the cycle but dropped it the last week.

I have shared this method around ome other boards and the the feedback is pretty universial that this is old school, like 70's and 80's and obsolete as a PCT solution.

I will say that the 100 mgs a week has kept away the test blues and my libido is so so. I will be glad to report the results either way.


I was curious as to how someone would taper Sustanon. Lets say 500mg for 6 weeks. How would I go about tapering that off considering the varying half lives of the esters in fact does some tapering off itself.


You don't need any PCT or taper.

From the article on this site called 'Steroids Forver':

"I don't know why everyone doesn't use it. I don't get it. Outside of the fertility issue, I have not seen the side effects people speak about, in any of the thousands of people I know who use or who have used. I've seen some weak character people who use it as an excuse to be an asshole â¿¿ you know the 'roid rage or whatever â¿¿ but the people with the 'roid rage are dickheads to begin with.

There are more side effects from fuckin' alcohol, and the people who criticize anybody who's taking stuff, they're doing worse things."

Unless you plan on adding to the population, forget it.


Hence with this as one out of the plethora of plausible outcomes, I'd be open to any other opinions of the matter which I find quite interesting come to think of it. The time variable half lives of the Test Esters in Sustanon and tapering off, with or without PCT.

Many thanks.


Due to the long esters in sust it is not ideal for a test taper. Cyp, Enth, or Prop would be needed for an effective test taper.


I have tapered twice -once off a cyp/tren cycle, and once off a propionate/tren cycle. I found that tapering was no worse than using a SERM. Either way, I got a little weaker/smaller. I think I may stick with the taper approach.

If nothing else, there's something to be said about putting fewer types of foreign substances in your body. I'm not sure how it would work with sustanon. I felt like it worked better for me coming off of cyp than it did coming off of prop.


I'm gonna do the taper as well. It does make sense to me. Yes it is an "old school" thing, but the new twist P22 brings to it makes it quite intelligent IMO. Anyway, nothing beats experience.

I'm looking forward to your progress. Mine is not till October.

"I have pre-loaded my taper". That's what I wanted to do. How long is it safe to stock gear in syringes? Are they as air tight as a vial?


I have used gear three months old stored in syringes with no problem. They are not air tight at the needle end, even while capped, but there is zero air flow with the cap on and stored in a box/drawer, so there's no need to worry.


Thanx for the tip. IMO it's better to preload the syringes when doing the taper. I'm gonna be sure of what I'm go have and do then ... and use all the rest now!


Not that it matters much but I do wonder how you presented the info.

For the record, the test taper hasn't even begun when you're hanging out at that 100mg/wk mark for a few weeks. Plenty of research indicates complete suppression at that dosage. The taper's actual effectiveness is a result of the slow and steady decline through values below that 100mg/wk benchmark (ie. 80 to 60 to 40 to 20mg/wk). By doing that, you are presumably creating a situation in which suppression gradually peters out and natural production (GnRH, LH and test) is gradually restored.

So if someone were to explain P22's test taper, that should be the emphasis.


Genuinely curious: So why even bother with the long period of 100mg shots?




I actual posted the entire original P22 post...here's the thing, none of the posters I would consider vets have a positive thing to say about this. Rather than take someone's word, one way or the other, I am giving it a personal test.


"Genuinely curious: So why even bother with the long period of 100mg shots?"

The idea is to clear all other forms of roids in the body BEFORE doing the actual taper below the 100mg mark. If you only did orals or short acting stuff like Tren A or Test prop you wouldnt need those 6 weeks.

All the people that say tapering is useless are talking about the old way of going 800mg, then 600, then 400, then 200...

This taper is NOT the same thing or reasoning. Most of the feedbacks of people who've TRIED it are positive. And you'll get two more feedbacks in the following weeks.


Okay thanks Over40. I looked at the original thread and found this:

So another question. In my case, I plan to take Dianabol for 6 weeks and Test enan for the full twelve, and cycle off using a test taper of the same test enan. Since I am not on one of the stonger compounds at the end of the cycle, should I not have to wait the full six weeks to taper down?


Thanks SwD. Yours wasn't up yet when I posted my above response. I assume now that, given the cycle I intend to run, I could basically go 80, 60, 40, 50, 30, 20, and be off. And theoretically I should be fine and stable the whole time. Am I missing something?


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Okay thanks Bushy. Will think about these things.


What members do you consider to be vets? There are many that I feel have ample experience to be called vets, and most of them have posted positive responses to the taper. Even those who haven't tried it have mentioned that it seems logical and would likely work. Very few people on here say it works better as far as the end result, and I can't think of more than a few people who say it doesn't work at all. Maybe you should read the old posts again.


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