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P-R-I-M-E STALEY 8/25/05


OK I'M HERE and ready to go.

Your questions please....


Sometimes after I do lunges or squats my knees hurt and feel weak. Does this happen to everyone or is itmy joints? I hope it's not my joints because I am only 14 and I started working out last week.

For example. Yesterday I did lunges. Today my left knee feels weird. It doesnt quite hurt, but it feels weak compared to my right leg. And when i run it hurts a little bit. I dont think I injured myself beacuse I can still walk fine. There isnt really much pain. But it just seems a little different than it used to be.

Does this happen to everybody? Could it be I am using bad form on lunges? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.



Hi Coach,

I am doing WSSB for now. On my upper body reps day I try to improve my push-ups to 100reps. Would I be better off doing:

a) multiple sets of push-ups and gradually reduce rest interval e.g. 5x20reps, cut RI 10secs/wk, then off to do horizontal pulling exercise;


b) Doing an EDT 15mins zone on push-up and a horizontial pulling exercise?

Thanks for answering in advance.

Geek boy


Hey coach...

Anything new comming from Team Staley? Also, what did you think of the Davies article? What do you think of his training modalities?


It coluld be bad form and/or a pre-existing orthopedic problem.

Technique-wise, the big thing to watch for is to make sure your knee is tracking DIRECTLY over your front foot (as opposed to it drifting "inside" or medial to the knee).

Make that adjustment, monotor yourself, and see if it improves...but if it doesn't within a few weeks, I'd suggest having yourself checkout by a good orthopedist. Hope that helps!


Thanksfully you're not limited to a single method, so do BOTH! Use one method for say 3 weeks, followed by the other method for 3 weeks, etc.


Thanks for asking MAD,

a few things coming up:

1) Our Annual Training Summit in Phoenix in October

2) My new book from Rodale, called Muscle Logic

I like John Davies a lot, and am still learning about his methods...


Sorry for putting my BIG dorky pic in there. Did not intend to do that.


I train in 4wks on 1wk off cycle, so if I do push-ups as my main lift for upper body reps day for two 4wks cycles, would I be using this particular exercise for too long?

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Honestly, I don't know enough about you or your situation to be able to answer that...


Hi Coach,
If I want to use the 21 Day Itch program, and I am beginning to train for highland games, should I replace the strongman day with my highland throws or should I use the sweat days for my sport-specific training? I've never actually trained for highland games and am preparing for my first games in November, I know this is kind of a Dan John question but I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks for all your help and great articles.


Base it on the energy systems.

mazny of these events are very similar to O lifts, so you can make that replacement, and/or so some of the events on "sweat day."

I think I'd suggest 3 training days where you're working on the events, plus a max strength day and a bodybuilding day


Anyway, thanks coach! I will play safe and try 5x20 for this cycle, doing something else next cycle, then back on EDT push/pull on the 3rd cycle.

Will come back to you with results in three months.

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If I'm doing a split program working out 4 times a week alternating between 2 workouts every other week.


I've been doing this routine for about 12 weeks straight. I haven't hit a plateau yet, I'm still able to increase my lifts.

I understand this answer varies from on person to the next but when should I move onto a different routine? When I hit a plateau?



Thanks for the input Coach. I'll give that a try and at the end of November I'll let you know how I did.


Yes, generally speaking, don't change what's working. You've got a lot of variation in your plan, which is why you're still making progress on it. Good work.


I wanna use EDT to build functional strength With body weight excerises. Mainly because I'm going to Iraq in a few weeks so I really don't know what kind of excercise equipment I'm gonna have access too. Also if you know of any books that could point me in the right direction that would be great too. Thanks alot,