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Hey guys, Im new to the forum. I have been training for around 6 months now and I am looking for big gains faster. I am currently taking 2 scoops of monster milk 3 times daily,N.O-xplode before work outs and since I started P-plex ( i belive its the mild level) One pill daily. Whats everyone who has taken this product think about it?


What is the point of asking for people's opinion on a product when you have already started it? Either it works for you or it doesn't, you don't need someone else to reinforce you opinion of the product when you are already taking it unless you are looking for a placebo effect.

Secondly, you have been training for six months and you are already taking a prohormone? If you aren't already making big gains at your level then either your diet or training is seriously fucked up, which is no excuse given the resources available on this website.

I recommend taking your post to bodybuilding.com as they will be more receptive to your post.


What exactly are you taking it for. Its just an insulin sensitizer, not a bad product but i have a feeling you think it does more than it is going to do.


Do you eat any REAL food or just the supps?


P-Plex aka Phera-Plex aka DMT aka Madol aka 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol aka 17a-methyl-5a-androst-2-ene-17b-ol is acutally a designer steroid (not a insulin sensitizer as stated above). OP - you shouldn't be messing around with it with only 6 months of training under your belt. Get your training and nutrition in order before you start messing around with Prohormones/Designer Steroids. And I know you are only taking one cap/day (although 1 cap per day doesn't mean shit if you don't say what the dosage/cap is for the particular product you are taking), but you even have a plan for PCT (or even know what PCT is or have you failed to do any research on the product you are taking)? Also this should be in the steroid forum.


o fuck lmao i messed up. I got it confused with p-slin, prob cause he should not be taking anything like p-plex in the first place