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P-Plex as Kickstart and Pre-Meet Oral


Considering using P-plex as a kickstart and/or pre-meet oral stacked w/ test E. I know this is not ideal, but my access to orals is very limited right now. I have all the PCT I need. Been training for 16yrs, using shit for 1yr.

Test E cycle:
500mg for 4wk
750 for 4wk
1000 for 4wk

Was thinking of using the p-plex possibly the first 4 wk and definitely the last 4wk.

Has anyone tried something like this before? How'd it go?



few questions
1. what is p-plex
2. why are you upping doses every 4 weeks and not just keeping at say 720 for 8 weeks or so.
3. what is your pct plans
4. if you can get Test E why not use a real oral for pre meet
ones that come to mind is D-bol anadrol Halo (which is hard to get and really hard on the liver and such but it is good for pre meet aggression,or so I have heard)