P/P/L vs Upper/Lower

Can someone help me with this problem that came to. When i do Uper/lower/uper/lower/upper/lower I gain Strenght Strenght everytime . Exemple . I was doing 4x6-10 incline dubell 2 time perweek . Went from 90 4x6 from 100 4x6 in only 3 week. But i get smaller and my muscle are not That densse.

When i do a p/p/l . I dont Get Strenght gain As much . But it look that my muscle are densse and bigger.

Is this due to the Lack Of stress on the muscle to make it grow ? Because i do less volume/day when im on uper/lower

The full programs would help. Reps, sets…

How many days per week are you training on each program?
How close (percentage-wise) to 1RM are you training on each program?

There are a lot of variables here. Everyone is different and has a different sweet spot for hypertrophy gains and strength gains (although those sweet spots tend to be fairly close to other people’s, which is why broscience and cookie cutter programs tend to work 9 times out of 10).

For example, I see better overall results with more volume. I did 531 for years and got pretty strong, but when I switched to Juggernaut I kept that strength and improved it, while also seeing better hypertrophy.

It looks like when you do upper/lower/upper/lower, your nervous system had more time to recover and you get stronger, but when you do p/p/l you are training the muscles themselves harder. I would suggest alternating these programs, doing one for 7 weeks, take a week off, and do the other for seven weeks. After all, they both work for you, just differently.


Yea that as been my hypothese