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P.P.A Ban

I just saw on the news this morning (6 am pacific time) that P.P.A. is going to be banned. Does anyone know when this is going to take effect? If I order it after the ban from a company that makes it where it is legal, is it still legal for me to possess? I would appreciate any info about this.
Brock, will it make that big of a difference to the formula in Md6 as far as effectiveness goes, when P.P.A is taken out? What might replace it? Thanks

I think this is a load of crap, probably started by some fat assed polititian looking to score points before election. How the hell can the FDA base a rule on ONE study? We all know that these studys are PAID for by somebody who has a vested interest in thier outcome (then again, so is the FDA). Would contradictory studies put PPA back on the market? I doubt it.

Brock, perhaps you can fill us in - reading the letter from the FDA, it states to look for something containing phenelpropylalanine on a bottle - MD6 does not contain it although I understand l-norephedrine is a derivative - does this fall under the ruling as you understand it?

Brock’s already posted a comprehensive note about this one, on Monday / Tuesday of last week if I recall correctly. Search the forum on PPA or some such.

Cheers mate.

PPA is a mixture of the L and R isomers of norephedrine. I still do believe that L-norephedrine should be technically legal even if they ban PPA. They would have to ban norephedrine and include all isomers and salts. Steroid law is the same way.

I find the whole thing to be a little strange. First, not one drug company put up a fight. Now other chemicals can be used for decongestants, but as PPA is/was the only approved OTC appetite supressant i find that a little strange. And second, its been reported as the FDA is advising people to stop taking it and asking drug companies to stop using it. Is it an outright ban or what? The whole thing seems a bit gray to me.