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P.O. Box ?


I think I am going to try to order. From which site I do not know. This being my first time I wanted to know if a P.O. box is needed or if shiping to my house is fine. On the other hand if this is simply not a good idea I would also like to know. Any feedback is more than welcome.


It depends on a couple factors.

--Your Source and how well he knows his shit when it comes to sending gear
--Where you live and where its being shipped from. Customs tend to check more packages from Asia.

Wouldn't suggest sending it to your home address, as this connects your home directly to the package. Instead try a post office. Hope everything works out for you.


We ship using FedEx and an actual business or home address is needed for shipping.

However you can use a P.O. Box address for the billing information requirement.



My apologies, I thought this was in reference to a T-Nation order.

Carry on,



I have had stuff shipped to my address in USA out of Bulgaria just fine. I guess its just a risk thing.


hell ive gotten shit from thailand before. ive also went down to mexico and sent it to myself.


Thank you all for the 411. I guess you never know until you try.