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P.I. Jamie Eason


Now lets see what this girl has to offer!!!!




A big stake knife and a stake!!


Nice smile




I normally dont' like to be able to see ribs like that, however something just makes me wanna swipe my pine along those suckers like a xylophone while moving my way up her body towards that shiny grill of her's to polish if off with some mushroom sauce.


She's insanely hot. My jaw dropped when I first saw the PI.

Is it the same chick from the 1/11/06 PI?




She is quite rediculous. Great balance of muscle tone. Hard to say if she's one of the best to come through here, but impressive anyhwo.



She's gorgeous. No doubt I'd hit it like there's no tomorrow.


Is it just me or is it that the Hamstring is like uber sexy body part. Now if there's a jucy ass as well. JIPI HA YE...

Well developed Ham on a fine atletic women is a weapon of mass destruction.




That's rad.


simply amazing...... drools


she looks like marsha brady in that 3rd pic..

she looks good in the 1st pic
but i dont care for her in the others..

of course if i wasnt married and hard up, then yeah i'd hit it...


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.



I know her. She used to workout at my gym when I lived in Houston. She had just started to compete. She has only worked out for about two years. Just started competing last year.

She is a sweetheart, I saw her at the Arnold this year working a booth. Made me want to move back to Houston.


Yeah, I like her hamstrings too. You could do some chomping on those babies as well as her ass!

Ahem, cough, anyway... yeah, I'd like to ease-on to that.


In this case it'd be more like "MARSHA! OH! MARSHA! UH! MARSHA! [panting]"


I remember seeing her last year here in Austin at the Texas Shredder she is really beautiful.