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P.H. & Off Weeks

Many years ago I tried the MAG-10 when it was a liquid for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks of M. Decent results.

I currently found a source that has more prohormones. And so I was thinking of getting.

Do you guys recommend anything for when you are done with a cycle? Like any anti-estrogen or what not?

This guy is selling selling a couple stuff. Universal Animal test, 1-AD, 1tu and MAG-10. Any of them good? And what should I watch out for?


I’d be skeptical of the MAG-10’s authenticity and doubtful any of the other stuff even works.

From a quality and financial standpoint get some real gear. A couple hundred Dbol’s and a couple vials of Test E will probably run you the same as what you’d pay for that pretenders stuff.