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P+F/P+C Meals while not cutting...

After reading the P+F/P+C plan article I’ve been somewhat wary of eating carbs, fats, and protein all in the same meal even though I’m bulking right now. My question is, would it make much of a difference in fat mass gained if I ate carbs, fats, and protein all in the same meal a couple times a day? Btw, if it helps to make your assesment you should know that I have a high metabolism.

well most meals will have all 3 macro nutrients. The goal is to have a high ratio of fats:carbs or vice versa. Even with a high metabolism, what’s the use of putting on fat if you are gonna have to fight hard to lose it later. I learned my lesson the hard way over the winter by putting on too much fat and now busting my butt to get rid of it. I also thought i had a high metabolism. laters pk

Usually not the best idea, esp. more than once a day. I try to avoid it as much as possible and I don’t find it that hard to do (with the exception of my cheat meal which is pasta, meat and salad with vinegrette dressing on Sundays).