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P+F or P+C ratios

How do you determine your individual ratios for these type of meal combinations?

First you need to determine your overall caloric needs, as per JBs formula presented in the original Massive Eating Plan articles. That being done, decide what percentage of your calories you want to get from Pro, Carbs, and Fat.

Once you have the percentages figured out, calculate how many total grams of p, c, and f you will be taking in per day.

After you've done that, spread your calories evenly throughout the day. For example, if you take in 4800 calories a day, each meal would be roughly 600 calories. Some people prefer to take in more calories earlier in the day and taper off as it gets later, though.

Assuming you're eating a P/C meal, you might want 400 cals from carbs, and 200 from protein. That would be 100g carbs, and 50g protein.

Obviously the amount p/c/f you take in is going to be dependent on your needs, as different people are going to react to different ratios on a highly individual basis. One you determine whether low carbs. high carbs, low fat, etc etc is going to best meet your needs, you can use the basic guidlines above to determine the caloric content and macronutrient breakdown of each meal.

More people will respond to this with far more valuable info than I've given, but that's how I do and (although I may be wron) it's been working great for me so far. Hope this helps.

I forgot to mention that my information was assuming that you were eating 8 meals per day.