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P+F meals

I’m sure this has been addressed, but I was wondering if I could get some good ideas for P+F meals. I’m getting sick of oil-packed tuna.
I tried searching the forum, but got nuthin. If anyone knows of a thread on this, could you please bump it up. Thanks for the anticipated help. Joe


How bout reading Berardi’s articles where gives meal ideas? There have been a few of them.

Check Berardi’s articles. Tuna in oil? What about Protein Powder w/Natural Peanut butter?!, or Olives. Turkey Sausage, etc. etc. Then my all time fav 1/2 lb of 95% Lean Ground Beef. 48g Protein, 0 Carbs, 12g Fat. Muscle food!

Quit using oil packed tuna. Many brands use soy bean oil. Buy water packed. As far as Protein fat combos, eat some steak, if you want drizzle a little olive oil over it after cooking. Hard boiled eggs, are also good.

a quick one is just some protein powder with some flax oil. A lot of the time, i’ll take down a tablespoon of flax oil before my meal (nasty, but it’s over with quickly!) then i’ll just eat my protein…be it steak, chicken, etc.

I’ll combine cottage chesse with natural peanut butter and about 2 Tbsp of “light tasting” olive oil.

I don’t think the soybean oil is a concern when trying to avoid the estrogenic genestien and diadzen, just like soy sauce, soy lecithin, etc. But nonetheless, Starkist now makes tuna in olive oil- an even better choice.