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P+F Meals Leave Stomach Odd


I'm a FFB and I know I respond the best to low carb dieting. I did T-Dawg 2.0 a while back for a month and I probably was the leanest I ever have been. Only problem was it was hell because of my stomach.

Whenever I eat a P+F meal, a little bit later it feels like my stomach is sorta empty, sorta full like it's filled with mucous, and I can feel an odd sensation that rises to the back of my throat.

If I eat PCF meals I never experience it, but when I eat P+F it always happens! It's annoying as hell because I know I get great results with low carbing but this feeling in my stomach is awful. It doesn't go away if I drink a lot of water and it happens every single time I consume just protein or protein and vegetables or protein and fat.

Is it maybe some kind of digestion issue?


What are you eating for protein/fat meals?


What he said.


What he said also.


Okay, examples...

Grilled chicken breast + a couple cups of green beans with olive oil

Grilled Chicken Salad w/ regular dressing, like Russian is my joint

Low-Carb Grow! with udos or flax, usually 2tbsp worth or with milled flax, sometimes a tbsp of heavy cream

Basically always a protein source like chicken or beef and a boatload of vegetables or a salad.


It's possibly the high fiber content of such meals.

Do you get the same feeling with just a protein source such as chicken or beef?


Yeah the feeling comes with just protein meals too. Like if I just eat a big chicken breast or a big steak it comes, it definitely does. I think when I eat vegetables it helps but only temporarily, then the feeling comes.

I dunno what to do. I just ate a can of tuna and it's creeping up on me already.