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P+F Meal Suggestions?

Does anyone know/have suggestions to meals that would work well as P+F meals?

A link to a website or an article on this site works just fine for me.


Steaks, lots of them.

Peanut Butter burgers.

Eggs and Avocado.

Several pounds of bacon.

Protein powder and olive oil/flax oil.

Check out the Anabolic Diet thread for P/F ideas. That’s all that’s consumed for 5 days a week.

I make my chicken salad using avocados instead of mayonnaise.

chicken skewers with spicey peanut sauce is good

but the best suggestion is to check out the anabolic diet thread.

The most convenient sources for healthy fats that I typically use are:

natural peanut butter
olive oil (start using it on your salads)
milled flax seeds (mix well with protein shakes)
fish oil

There are plenty of others out there but these are the ones that I find to be the most convenient. Just combine any of these with your protein source (lean meats, eggs, shakes, etc.)

Can of tuna + 1 Cup spinach + 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

I like to do grilled chicken, almonds and broccoli

or pb & cottage cheese

check johnberardi.com in his articles section -> nutrition. i know hes got a couple there

Thanks for all the suggestions…

I’ve been reading and finding more good stuff all weekend!

Chicken breast with avocado.

Chicken salad with canola oil dressing.

Chicken + spinach + walnuts + EVOO.

Cigar + Scotch

Beef + avocado

i dont think cigar + scotch is P+F. i think u meant joint + vodka